CT 101- Final Blog post

Hi, so apparently the semester is done. This class was one of the best in this semester, it made it fly by. During this class, I learned how to claim a domain name for a website, I was having trouble with that on my first website that I created in high school, but in this class, I learned how to claim the domain name which I now can use to update my old site. another thing I learned during the semester was to secure the website, using the tools provided by WordPress I was able to successfully secure the page.  And lastly, I learned how to create GIFs and memes, which I plan to keep using because is so much fun to do and is also a way to brighten the day of others.

I think that because of all the work I did in this class I deserve a grade between a B- or an A-, I think I deserve that grade because I have completed all 15 blog posts and the website with a working blog section. My website’s name is “The JRod Lifestyle” this is website is mostly about things I did or places I visit, this website is based on blog posts about me. I had fun creating this website and I will continue to work on it because it is exciting to share the places I visit with people, I feel like I could motivate others to travel more or visit the places I went to. This website has been a way to keep me excited about the class, this is what I have been looking forward to since some time back and I am glad I got to do this in this class.

This class has been the best for me and I am glad that I got to be here and learn so much even though we had to be stuck at home, I will miss being and this class and having so much fun with the assignments for this course. Hopefully, we all get to be in our regular classes next year and that everything returns to normal.

My website

The name of my website is The JRod Lifestyle, this website is not so much of an interactive site but more of a blog site for me to share my adventures and the fun I have on the internet. while sharing blogs on my site I feel like I can inspire more people to live their best life, by sharing things I am passionate about maybe I can inspire others to follow their dreams.

My website makes me feel happy about being on the internet. I have been doing a lot of posts for this course lately but this has not felt like work because I enjoy doing research and creating things on the internet which is why my website has been changing a lot in the past 48 hours, I have shared some posts on my recent trip to the Dominican Republic, I felt like this trip has been in a perfect time because now I have more things to add to my website and not just a plain series of activities that I engage in while I am back in New York, hopefully, I find more things to update my website within the near future.

I have about 4 extra posts on my website just in case someone wants to read them.



Copyright gives you the legal right to own everything you publish, copyright keeps people from stealing information from other websites or any other place on the internet. I find copyright to be very helpful for people that want to make sure that they don’t lose their information to other people on other pages trying to steal from them to use the information for their own benefit. We all have to be careful while posting things on the internet because there is a big number of things that can be classified as copyright, but If we are careful we can avoid legal issues involving copyright or any other problems.

Btw, Check out my other blog posts on my website The JRod Lifestyle.


WordPress customization Part 1

The first time I was customizing my website I had a hard time figuring out how to organize the menus and what colors to use while I was customizing the first setup of my page. customizing my page with WordPress was interesting because I never used WordPress before and I was trying to work my way around this and it took a little while but once I figured that out I started working harder on the website and got more work done faster.

My first image for the website was giving it a retro look and make it look as interesting as possible and it was fun to play a little with the themes and different formats that it had to make it as vivid as it could get. The themes could get very confusing at times when it comes to customizing but that is the fun of it, to figure out how it works and how to make sure everything stays in place.


Social media and posts page

For these pages, I have some content but not a lot, for my post page I have planned to add pictures of cities I have visited, blog posts explaining some of the things I saw in a certain part of the city or the world, and I want to add videos of the top view of the city.

The social media part of my website is not going to have a separate page but it is added to the top of the page so that people could find it easier and find ways to communicate with me.

This is what it looks like now since I have not added a lot to the page but in the next weeks, I will add pictures of my following trips to the Caribbean.

Mid semster reflection

This first half of the semester has been great, I have been feeling a little down with the fact that we have to take classes from home, and just being stuck here all day makes me feel overwhelmed with all that is happening.  This course is one of those things that takes my mind off of things that make me feel stressed or upset. During these last weeks, I have been feeling more determined to give my best when it comes to my college courses because I have not been doing my best since the schools shut down and we had to move to distance learning.

The creation of my website was a task that I really enjoyed, I have put a lot of hours into the customization of my website but is not yet as great as I want it to be but as far as I keep working on it I can improve the issues with the page outline and features.

My website is a little empty at the moment because I have no idea what to do with it but I am hoping soon I can figure it out.

I meant to post this reflection a while ago but I forgot it in my archives while I was doing it and never finished it. but I do want to add that the first half of the semester was amazing, I learned a lot about how to navigate the web on a whole new level, and about how the internet is more important than people come to realize. It is a way of creativity that gives everyone their own ideas on how they want to express their thoughts or feelings. This course and the creation of this website are things that have kept me excited about college throughout this past weeks and hopefully I can keep doing better by the end of the semester.

My domain name

When I was choosing my domain name I was debating on what to choose because I had so many ideas but then I came to realize that the name for my website should be what defines me, not really as a person but my internet identity, I named my website ojrod.com  because this is basically me, I came up with JRod as my internet identity in high school and since I liked the ring it added I decided to make it my persona for everything online that I own. This username is personal to me because it is made from my initials and part of my last name, which I found to be pretty cool. That is the idea behind my website address and the creation of it.

“The Internets Own Boy: Reflexion”

This film was painful yet fantastic to watch, I feel like this film should be used as an example for people that wants to take away our rights. The internet is where we can find our freedom from the real world, we have so much to explore, and helps us be who we are.  People should not be denied the right to express themselves freely on the web or in the streets.

The story of Aaron Swartz is a story that sets an example for everyone in the world. it was amazing how he was such an intelligent guy, and not just intelligent as in book smart, but intelligent in his life choice, he decided to give people a place on the internet to express themselves like they wanted to. the sad thing is that he paid a high price for this. but this gives us all a lesson, it tells us that if you believe in something and you have a passion for it then nothing can stop you.

ds 106 Assingment

The first ssingment I did in the Ds 106 Website is called “Apocalypse-terms of service” this assingment seemed pretty fun because I honestly never read terms of service, I feel like im not the only one who just ignores the terms of service, they might be interesting or not but is not like a lot of people find out about those.

so what I came up with was:

Terms of service


1-Anything is legal if you are to save yourself.                                                               2-If you see something you need you take it, no matter where is it or who has it.                                                                                                                                             3- All your bellongings must be protected by you, only you are responsible if your stuff gets stolen or destroyed.                                                                                  4-You can not steal from the person writing this terms and conditions.       5-you can not kill or hurt the person writing the terms and conditions either.                                                                                                                                          and most importantly:                                                                                                              -You choose me as supreme ruler of every living thing(not in an evil way, lol) and no you do not have a choice.

Have fun during the apocalypse!

So this was basically all I came up with, I got out of ideas in the middle of the assingment since I dont read Terms and conditions on anything so it got a little weird at the end but since no one reads terms and conditions I just feel like is ok to put that there.


Are Memes art?

Memes are definitely art. Memes are just as creative as any other art work and they take just as much imagination. Memes are not just art on the internet, some people make products including memes that sell in a lot of different web pages.  Memes require people to have a funny way of looking at life which allow them to create the memes.

Memes are a form of expression for some people, they use memes to express what they feel or think and that is a great way to do that. Art is used to express feelings and thoughts and memes are just like this but people doesn’t think of memes as art because they think that they are just jokes, but that is part of their purpose, they are a way to lighten up people and to bring them joy. The best part of it is that there is a meme for everyone, theres is always one that reaches a specific type of person.

This class has been very great to explore the internet and all the great things that we could find there.


Assignment #2

So far this course has been really exciting, it has filled up my expectations for this course and has been really motivating. this course has made me look forward to learning more about what this is really about. It is still kind of confusing but it is fun to be in this class.

Happiness on the internet

While i am on the internet i like to explore for tv shows, games and new music. When quarintine sarted I was streaming some shows and found out it was pretty good, and that was one of the things that gave me happy during the lockdown. I love using the internet, i have done so much research and found out so much things, the internet has been a good source of knowledge and fun that gives me happiness.  Gaming has been a large part of my time at home,

One of the shows I watched was Smallville, this show is just as old as I am but it is very good, it was very long and sometimes it was hard to follow, but this show was pretty good, it is basically about superman and how it was for him learning his powers and where he really came from. To be honest I am kind of a geek, most of the things I do on the internet are fiction related and it is actually fun for me.