DS 106 work

In this chapter of our storytelling class , we’re utilizing a new editing machine . This page is great because it shows different ways to produce visuals . I’m learning that art can be displayed in humor, sadness and through parodies . The limit is endless to communicating through art . I choose two activities from the DS106assignment bank . I decided to do the “Silly movie poster” and the “Birthdays are the worst “ assignments . I picked these options because of them being beginner level and because they challenged my creativity . I typically go for collages or emotional projects . Doing something lighthearted was a trip down memory lane. It made me remember when I was younger and loved editing on computers.

This assignment made me realize how much art was significant in my growth . As I grew, my interest in art matured . Instead of simple collages , I preferred creating pieces that embodies emotion. This was refreshing and gave me a new outlook.

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