Assignment #4-DS106 Assignment

For this assignment I have decided to  go with the visual because I feel like its something I already kind of know how to do. If not I would probably figure it out. I have two options and am not sure which one to choose but I would not mind trying them both. If I try a couple of these projects I feel like I might learn some new things I never knew I could do. Doing this allows us to learn new things and discover talents or skills we never knew we had. To the left is creating a silly movie poster and the right is a bucket list.

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Bucket List

Learning new skills are always important. Every time you learn something new, you find out what you are good at and you are not good at. Over the years I’ve though myself how to draw. I am not the best at it but I think I am okay. I would have never known how to draw if I’ve never tried it.

For the second one that I would like to try and complete I’ve chosen the design assignment.

I chose this because I would like to create something of my own and something I would actually like myself or maybe someone else could relate to or like. For example gaming. This looks like it would be fun to create!!

Create a Magazine Cover

This is my gamers magazine. I game all the time so I was like let me create a gaming magazine.