CT101 – Final Blog Post & Course Completion Information

Wow I can’t believe that the semester is over already. Time went by fast. I did a lot of work this semester and tried my best to keep up with all classwork’s for each of my classes. Towards the end some of my other classes started to give a lot of work and projects. But I got through them.

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Throughout the semester I have learned a lot from CT101. I was not much of a gif maker and gif person till this class. Gifs are really fun to work with and make. Just the other day I went and watched a video of one of my favorite youtubers and just went to a website and tried making a gif.

I tried lol. I toot a part of the video and zoomed in the the face reaction then went to giphy and made this. His videos are funny a lot of the times and he is always having these different facial expressions/Reactions. His video memes are all over the world. There are a lot of memes that has to do with him. He is a very entertaining youtuber. he has two channels with over a million subs. You can check him out here and also here.

I really enjoyed making gifs in this class. When I watch a videos I now look to see what I can turn into a gif and probably use it for my YouTube channel when I actually decide to upload. I just upload for fun. So now I will most likely start looking into making more gifs. I also learned about vaporwave. I never knew what they were but felt like I should have. They are pretty cool. This class was the first place I ever learned about what vapor waves were. SO I am really happy I took this class and got a great teacher. If you want to see my blog about vaporwave here us a link here.

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For this class I believe I should get an A+. You should always think positive. So I say an A+.  I’ve really enjoyed this class as stated and came to class and did what I had to while having fun. I always looked forward to coming to class and learn about new ways of making gifs and everything else. In this class i was able to get creative and write about it.

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I was able to get even more creative when the assignment about making your own website was introduced. I’ve created a website before but that was in computer science class. I had to code everything. From the color to writing. This was my first time ever using wordpress and it was fun. I got to talk about me and also give some news. Check me out.

Once you first get to my website you will see a banner that I created and the title of my website. My website gives you some news about what is going on in the basketball world on the sports page as well as a little story about what sports I played or is into. A little about music that I like and albums I listen to. An about page which is a little welcome and what the website is about. A blog page of my favorite memes. As well as a more section that you are able to hover over and see more options like my youtube videos and latest post (basically links of any post i have included on my website or recently posted).

I was able to get my website to where I wanted it. I am extremely happy with my results and how the website came out. I was able to successfully work my way around the website after going back and watching the zoom recordings to guide me. I was able to create different pages and change the site icon. It took me a while to figure out how to remove some of the default pictures on the page which was my only frustration.

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This class was amazing. I got more into making gifs and using gifs and memes now. I am going to miss this class.

Bye everyone, Stay safe and Happy Holidays!!!




A lot of these images I’ve never seen before. This is very new to me. I have not heard of vaporwave before but this is very cool. I feel like I should have known of this for some reason because how can I not. This is awesome.

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I see a lot of images with color to them with different groups of pictures. It looks like you can take an image and turn it into a vaporwave image.


That is very cool. I know I’ve said this before but wow. I don’t know why I have not heard or seen something like this before. I’m always on the internet I probably have but don’t remember.

Below is my try at the vaporwave creation

DS106 continued…Part 2

The ds106 home page image with assignment prompt icons

For part 2 of my DS106 assignment. I decided to go with the silly movie poster. I really had fun with this assignment. Creativity, you are able to make something you are satisfied with and it’s your idea using images/pictures you want and like. Or think is funny. This is important because it gets you thinking, it gets you into a creative mind.

Free Thinking Gif, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on Clipart Library

So I had a couple of ideas of what I wanted to do. I had the bucket list in mind as well before the silly movie poster idea grabbed my attention.

Check in out. You can also check out part one to see my other creation here.

Moving Arrow Gif Transparent Background in 2020 | Animated clipart, Arrow pointing down, Free clip art




I went with the wolverine movie. Wolverine is one of my favorite marvel character. I added some Tom and Jerry images, Scooby Doo images and also some deadpool images. Tom and Jerry was one of my favorite cartoons growing up and so was Scooby Doo. Deadpool is also one of my favorite marvel characters.



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Adding Social Feeds and Posts to WordPress

Building a website is pretty fun to me. I get to write about anything I want. What I do on a regular bases. What games I play. I movies or songs I am into. When you are able to just talk about things others could relate to.

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I’ve updated my website a little more. Added more writing and images.

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I added some more to the menus bar. I added more writing about sports and shared some of my favorite albums that I listen to. Also my favorite rappers. I also gave a little story of what sports I am into or have played growing up. Now I am mostly a gaming person. I play sports once in a while.I also went and added a latest post page which just has links of some of my pages. One menu bar is a group of some of my youtube videos.


Week#14- So, what is copyright?

I remember when I use to make some of my YouTube videos, I kind of still do once in a while. Not great content but I try. I don’t have the equipment’s for it yet but that does not stop me. I use to post regularly but stopped. I lost motivation to upload. But back to the topic. When I use to make videos I once uploaded a video with some music in it. I thought it was free to use for some reason. I guess I got confused. I ended up getting a little notice from YouTube and I got scared, I am not going to lie lol. But nothing to bad. The music I was using was copyrighted I guess so they gave me a warning. I ended up taking down the video. I’m not sure if I reuploaded it with no music or just deleted it.

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So getting an idea of how to avoid copyright strikes and knowing the basics and learning so your videos don’t get taken down or a strike helps.

One quote that I got from Larry Lessig was when he stated “The tools of creativity have become tools of speech” I find this compelling because in this generation people get so creative. People with the access to a PC has the ability to create videos to songs by just using images that matches the words from the song. Just like gifs. We create gifs and through Gifs you can express you feelings just using that image or part of a video. It becomes a way of communication to some people.

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Just like this Gif right here. you can use that and send it to someone and the person could most likely tell your excited about the news or what they said. It’s amazing what we can do with videos and images with the technology we have today.

Why is there copyright?↓↓

I feel like there is copyright because it helps protect others work. “Copyright law protects literary, musical, graphic, or other artistic forms in which an author expresses intellectual concepts” according to mateoaboy.com

When you share, re-share, and remix content on the web you should let the people know who the content you are using belongs to. That way you avoid the copyright strike.

Exploring A Classmates Website

Today we are going to explore one of my fellow classmates website. I’m currently still trying to get used to creating my website. I’m changing the backgrounds and everything and adding more details to my website.

I can’t wait to see what some people have came up with and ideas that they have.

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The link above is the link of the website I went and explored. I want to start by saying it looks very nice. I like the design and layout of the website. Everything is so well put together. It’s a vibe. I really like and can’t wait to see the finished website. I really like were you are going with this.

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Week#10- Assignment #8-Mid-Semester Assessments & WordPress Customizing Part 2!

Wow, we are already halfway through the semester. So far I’ve learned a lot from this class. I was not much of a gif user until I came to this class. I really enjoyed making the gifs and writing these blog posts.

Dreaming in the Vacuum of Space - Tumblr Blog Gallery

I really like this class and can’t wait to see what more we have for the rest of this semester. Now I am currently in the process of making my website.

I’ve learned how to make gif using giphy. Which was very fun. I was able to take a clip from one of my favorite youtuber and turn it into a gif. Coming to this class always puts a smile on my face because I really enjoy what we do.

Coming into this semester I had no idea what was going to happen or how this class was going to be. Even though I have taken last semester online I still was not sure how this was going to be. When you are meeting new professors you never know how things are going to be or how the class is going to be. You don’t really know what to expect. This was my first time taking any CT classes and this class made my semester. I have a lot of fun creating gifs.

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Going back to my first ever post for this class I was able to share with you guys some of my favorite youtubers. Games I like to play and more. For my third assignment I was able to share what I though about memes. I never really like to share. But doing these assignments I’ve been able to share my thoughts and ideas about certain things/topics.

What grade would I give myself. I would probably give myself an A. The reason is why is because I feel like I’ve done a good job so far. Making gifs and adding them to my blogs makes everything even better I think.


This class has definitely helped me become a better communicator. The blog posts and the gifs have allow me to express and share ideas.

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WordPress Customizing Part 2↓↓


Assignment #7 week#9-The WordPress Website Customizing Series, Part 1

Part 1 of the website customization. I am super excited for this. I want to see what I can come up with. What I come up with with probably be posted here as well. Just a little rough draft or sneak peek. Being able to make a website where I talk about things I like and things I am sure others might relate to is very exciting.

Download Gif Happy | PNG & GIF BASE

After choosing my domain name I started to work on my website. I’ve decided to go with a dark theme which I mostly use on most apps I use. My website would involve me talking about games, sports, music art and many other things I like or do while at home during this COVID-19.

Speak peek↓↓

This is just the beginning. I am so excited to see what it looks like when everything comes together.

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Week#8- Assignment #6- Registering Domain name!!

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I’m really excited to start on my website. In my last post I stated that it was my first time but I have done something similar to this before. I have made a website at least 2 times before. But I always get excited every time I do this. I like the experience. I like to create. The first time I created a website was in computer science in high school using coding. That was very difficult actually but I enjoyed it because I got to learn something new.

Easy GIF by memecandy - Find & Share on GIPHYFollowing the video that was posted it was a pretty easy process. At first I was a little confused then because I did not remember what to do then it  went and watched the videos for steps and it went pretty Smoove.

The next step is to get started on my design. Figure out what I am going to talk about. I have a couple of topics or ideas in mind. I don’t know if I’m going to focus on one topic or a couple.

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Assignment #5 Part 2 Week#7-The Internet’s Own Boy – Reflection Post

I don’t usually watch videos like this but this was very interesting. Seeing how he was able to learn so much at a young age was very surprising to me.  Reddit is an app were a lot of people go to show their creativity and chat with each other. I’ve never used the app before but one of the youtubers I watch uses the app often which is when I became more familiar with the app. Aaron was a very creative person and very smart. Hearing what happened really made me sad.

One thing I picked up from the video was when Aaron said “what is the most important thing in the world that I might be working on right now”. That really caught my attention. I wanna become stable/successful enough to the point where I could take care of my family and make sure they’re good.

What Makes a 'Successful' Business? - New Jersey Business Magazine

Assignment #5 Part 1-Picking a Domain Name!

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I’m really looking forward to this assignment. I’m pretty excited because its my first time doing this and I kind of like trying out knew things.  For my domain name I would probably go with ClarkV or CVG. The first one is my first name and my last name initial.  The second option is my first and last name initial and the G stands for gaming. I feel like those two would be a good name because its a website about some of my interests.

My website would be about things I like to do on a regular bases. Whether I have school or not I’m always doing it. That one thing is gaming. I always like playing different games or just trying out new games. Gaming helps take my mind off of school sometimes when I got a lot to do. I would just take a little break and play with friends or by myself.

Video Gaming GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHYGaming Gif 4 Images Download Gaming Hif - LowGif

My website won’t only be about games it would also be about other things such as what I do if I am not gaming. It would be about other things such as sports I’ve played before or still play till this day. Aside from All of these things, I also like drawing and I play an instrument as well. I like trying out new things and see what I am good at. Just going up I’ve learned how to do a lot of things. Those are a couple of ideas I have about what my website would be about.

Steph Curry Basketball GIF by NBA - Find & Share on GIPHYMadden 21: Celebration & Taunt Controls for Ultimate Showboating - Outsider Gaming

One game that everyone is currently playing↓↓↓ Which I also currently play.



Assignment #4-DS106 Assignment

For this assignment I have decided to  go with the visual because I feel like its something I already kind of know how to do. If not I would probably figure it out. I have two options and am not sure which one to choose but I would not mind trying them both. If I try a couple of these projects I feel like I might learn some new things I never knew I could do. Doing this allows us to learn new things and discover talents or skills we never knew we had. To the left is creating a silly movie poster and the right is a bucket list.

Links to both Images↓↓


Bucket List

Learning new skills are always important. Every time you learn something new, you find out what you are good at and you are not good at. Over the years I’ve though myself how to draw. I am not the best at it but I think I am okay. I would have never known how to draw if I’ve never tried it.

For the second one that I would like to try and complete I’ve chosen the design assignment.

I chose this because I would like to create something of my own and something I would actually like myself or maybe someone else could relate to or like. For example gaming. This looks like it would be fun to create!!

Create a Magazine Cover

This is my gamers magazine. I game all the time so I was like let me create a gaming magazine.


Assignment 3: Are Memes Art?

Are Memes Art? I think memes are art. Its something created by a person to express somethings to others. Art is for someone to be creative and express your imagination.  So Memes are art.

Memes Are Art by rolfusmaximus - Meme Center

what is the meaning of Art?

Art, in its broadest sense, is a form of communication. It means whatever the artist intends it to mean, and this meaning is shaped by the materials, techniques, and forms it makes use of, as well as the ideas and feelings it creates in its viewers . Art is an act of expressing feelings, thoughts, and observations.”

( https://courses.lumenlearning.com/boundless-arthistory/chapter/what-is-art/ ) I also linked it in the word ART.

Art is whatever a person wants it to be. Therefor Memes are art. Memes are a sort of self-expression because its a creation of how you feel or what you like.  You could do whatever you want with a meme and add your style to it.

If someone does not think memes are art. All imma say is..

I was never a person who really used memes a lot. This class has made me realized of how fun it is using memes and also creating them. My friends would always send a meme to the group chat and once in a while I would send one to show my reaction to something they said just to try it out. Now I use memes a lot more.

This class is definitely one of my favorite classes and most fun class that I’ve ever taken.

Below is a link of a video I found talking about memes↓↓

Assignment #2- Gifs

When I first signed up for the class I was not sure what to expect.


After the first class I really enjoyed this class. Learning about the course and what we were going to do made me happy. Some of my other classes makes me stress out a lot. With this class work is fun. Doing homework makes me excited and I actually enjoy doing homework. After the first day I was already looking forward to the next class.

This class is very fun and I like being creative. Big Thumbs up

Me after hearing that there are no test for this class. Hearing that made me very excited and Sounded very good. Also me after seeing how nice and cool the professor was.

This is my type of class. I could get creative and have fun doing homework and enjoy being in class. I made this using Giphy.


Assignment #1-Internet Happiness!!

What makes me happy on the Internet?

Youtube GIFs | TenorNetflix GIFs | Tenor

YouTube Is were I spend most of my time. It either YouTube or Netflix. You can find a lot of videos or people you relate to on the app. Most of the time I’m watching gaming videos. Madden NFL  and NBA 2k are the two game videos that I always watch. People tend to rage a lot when they play games which is funny because I do the same. If you ever played 2k20 you would know the game makes a lot of people rage.  Some of my favorite YouTuber’s that I watch are Flight, CashNasty, Chris smoove and TDBarret. I do have a lot more that are entertaining but these are the top ones.

On Netflix I move from show to show and sometimes have no idea what I want to watch. I have watched most of the popular trending shows already and I am always looking for new ones.

Angry Frustrated GIF - Angry Frustrated FlightReacts - Discover & Share GIFs      Cash Nasty GIFs | Tenor

Cashnastygaming Angry GIF - Cashnastygaming Angry Cashnasty - Discover & Share GIFs

Sometimes playing games online could be intense 😂

These are some of their Funniest moments↓↓↓