DS106 Assignment – Part 2

This is my second project from the DS106 Assignment Bank. It has to do with branding. It is actually creating a logo for an unregistered company.

I chose this project because I am very interested in branding. I believe this is where graphic artists demonstrate a great sense of creativity. To fully achieve an effective logo, a good branding logo must have the following: Strong color choice, Memorable and Clear. I obviously took all these into consideration before creating this logo.

This is what the logo from DS106 assignment bank looks:

Below is what mine looks like:

This is how I created the logo: First, I chose the company to create the logo for. I decided to use color yellow because of its high sense of emphasis and attention. The I went to google to get a transparent delivery icon which can be memorable. To be able to see the effects of yellow, I knew I had to use a black background. The words ‘Fast, Safe & Reliable’ are used to express the professionalism of the company. The program I used for this is Microsoft Publisher.

I enjoyed the experience.

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