Picking a Domain Name

According to fastcomet, ‘Domain names serve as a memorable representation of the content that we can find on a certain website.’ I believe that this definition simply captures to full meaning of domain names.

While choosing a domain name, these factors should be taken very seriously: How catch and easy to remember it sounds and how it reflects the contents of the website/company. These points simply define the true essence of a domain name.

Let’s look a practical examples. If a company that sells catfish in New York wants to build a website, imagine they choose a name like catfishnewyork.com vs whereyoucanbuyacatfishny.com. The first is short, catch and easy to remember while the second is too long to remember and out of place. This is how important a domain name can be.

Another important factor is that google crawls name based on keywords. It will be easier for catfishnewyork.com to pop up on google search.

For my project, I will be developing a Social Media Marketing Website. Therefore, I would be thinking of names that can easily pop up on google search, names that are memorable and names that reflect my web content.

Theses are my choices: Mediaads,  Socialmediahub, Mediacart and DigiHub.

Mediahub: This name is self explanatory and very short and easy to remember. Above all, it is in line with the subject of my website which is digital marketing.

Socialmediahub: Again, this is also a reflection of what my website is all about. More importantly, it is a catch term that can easily pop up on google and therefore it gives my website a good chance in google organic recognition.

Mediacart: The word cart is also one of most crawled words in google. It will help my website’s recognition, it’s easy to remember and fits very well in my subject.

Digihub: This is created from an abbreviation of digitalhub. I didn’t want  the name to be too long, instead I shortened it. However, it is short. It is my least in preference.

I will pick any of these, based on their availability.


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  1. Mediacart sounds good and it seems proper to what you are as a project: ads. The wort “cart” with media would make a nice couple. I image a logo with cart full of things symbolizing medias inside.

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