Exploring a Classmate’s Website

In exploring my classmate’s site, I stumbled upon that of Saul DeLeon’s. The first thing that caught my eye was the site’s domain name- ‘The Phantom Chronicle.’ It appears as though Saul is trying to create his own form of a news outlet, which is very impressive.

I think the image used for the home screen of the website is impeccable. The aesthetic gives the impression that it is an actual newspaper.

I like the variety of the blog posts on his site. One post is about a trendy movie, and the other is more of a news article, so I appreciate the fact that the site appeals to more than one audience.

Trendy movie blog post.

Article-like blog post.

I don’t want to give away much but I guarantee both posts are worth the read.

The graphics on the site are also very appealing. They are perfectly placed and are inviting without distracting the viewer from the blog posts.

Overall, I love the site and I am looking forward to its growth.



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