VapoWave Journey

After about 3 hours messing around with photopea and bouncing the picture from my computer to my phone.

Here is  my VaporWave image I created

Now I am not going to lie this was really difficult to make but I loved every second of the process. I think the hardest part was knowing when it was complete and feeling satisfied with the results.

You see when I started thinking about what I wanted my image to look like I realized that the Vaporwave and the Cyberpunk theme are really similar. So I thought why don’t I combine the two?

This is a CyberPunk Theme image. In other word think of BladeRunner.

This is a Vapor Wave image.

The similarities are striking. They’re pretty easy too confused because cyberpunk did develop in the 80s with all the futuristic movies and all.

The best way I can distinguish them is Vapor wave does more of a mash up of thing  culturally relevant to the 80s and 90s and Cyberpunk is more of a  dystopian depiction  of what the future is going look like.

However, both use the same color schemes and the images produced are a social commentary of consumerism. How things are portray to the bright and cool but there is always a darker mean behind it.

It’s two sides of the same coin if you ask me. Either ways it’s cool and they are fun to make. I can honestly say that I am hooked to this theme and iI’m looking forwards to making more of these in the future.


3 thoughts on “VapoWave Journey”

  1. Awesome!
    I love the hybrid approach and often ask myself what the difference is between “vapor wave” and “cyber-punk” – great work on this! Both the ART work and the blog reaction / process, also loved:
    “the hardest part was knowing when it was complete and feeling satisfied with the results.”

    1. Thank you for the response Claudia :). Yeah, Cyberpunk is really cool I’ve always had great appreciation for it because of it unique take on the evolution of society and the many potential outcome it presents. It’s not only creative but enlightening because It makes you really think that some of these concepts could be a real when we get older or could our children’s reality when we are long gone.

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