Final Assessment

CT101 has come to an end.

Now is a time for reflection and determination of the grade I have earned. Coming into this class as an older student during this covid crisis with online learning as the only option I must say I was very nervous in the beginning. This gif expresses how I felt.



Based on my personal skill level coming into ct101 and now leaving with some useful skills that I have learned in such a short period of time I can confidently say I have absolutely earned my A.


We started class discussing our level of internet happiness, I expressed that the internet was very scary for me. Overtime I have become more comfortable and can find recipes and music that I love. Found solutions for math problems and science experiments to help my children with their homework. With the internet and ct101 I have found that my children are now my teachers.  I have learned so much, I must share when I made my first gif and shared it with my children they were so proud of me. I have enjoyed this class. Things I have learned here will be useful in my life, I can make GIFs of my grand daughter and all the grand babies to come.

My job can be mundane, and with photopea  and vaporwave skills I now have in my arsenal I can make presentations for my team that I hope will make our job a little easier and put a smile on someone’s face.  Giphy and imgur  will make these fun to create.

Using The DS106 site I plan on doing some of these assignments to fine tune and learn more.


Frustration during learning how to create  gifs, work on my ds106 assignment and layering in photopea. I reached out for help and thankfully professor seslow was always available to help.


Knowing that when I reached a roadblock I could reach out for help was great it kept the level of frustration minimal. And with the domain and reclaim hosting even they respond to my emails in a timely manner. So I know that I will become frustrated as I expand and fine tune the skills I have acquired on my  personal web page, knowing help is available makes me less stressed.


Making my very first website. OMG this was so exciting. The domain name I choose is I choose that because I have 4 children.  I have every intention on developing my site.  I am a Jamaican mother and according to my children West Indian parents are different. I will take that to mean I have tips and suggestions that other parents or parents to be can use.  I really love children to me every child is a precious blessing  and  in time the more I learn and play around with word press the potential is unlimited and I am excited to see how my site will develop and grow.