Final Assessment

CT101 has come to an end.

Now is a time for reflection and determination of the grade I have earned. Coming into this class as an older student during this covid crisis with online learning as the only option I must say I was very nervous in the beginning. This gif expresses how I felt.



Based on my personal skill level coming into ct101 and now leaving with some useful skills that I have learned in such a short period of time I can confidently say I have absolutely earned my A.


We started class discussing our level of internet happiness, I expressed that the internet was very scary for me. Overtime I have become more comfortable and can find recipes and music that I love. Found solutions for math problems and science experiments to help my children with their homework. With the internet and ct101 I have found that my children are now my teachers.  I have learned so much, I must share when I made my first gif and shared it with my children they were so proud of me. I have enjoyed this class. Things I have learned here will be useful in my life, I can make GIFs of my grand daughter and all the grand babies to come.

My job can be mundane, and with photopea  and vaporwave skills I now have in my arsenal I can make presentations for my team that I hope will make our job a little easier and put a smile on someone’s face.  Giphy and imgur  will make these fun to create.

Using The DS106 site I plan on doing some of these assignments to fine tune and learn more.


Frustration during learning how to create  gifs, work on my ds106 assignment and layering in photopea. I reached out for help and thankfully professor seslow was always available to help.


Knowing that when I reached a roadblock I could reach out for help was great it kept the level of frustration minimal. And with the domain and reclaim hosting even they respond to my emails in a timely manner. So I know that I will become frustrated as I expand and fine tune the skills I have acquired on my  personal web page, knowing help is available makes me less stressed.


Making my very first website. OMG this was so exciting. The domain name I choose is I choose that because I have 4 children.  I have every intention on developing my site.  I am a Jamaican mother and according to my children West Indian parents are different. I will take that to mean I have tips and suggestions that other parents or parents to be can use.  I really love children to me every child is a precious blessing  and  in time the more I learn and play around with word press the potential is unlimited and I am excited to see how my site will develop and grow.

Vapor Wave

Vaporwave is  defined on wikipedia as: a microgenre of electronic music, a visual art style, and an Internet meme that emerged in the early 2010s.  Visually, it incorporates early Internet imagery, late 1990s web design, glitch artanime3D-rendered objects, and cyberpunk tropes in its cover artwork and music videos. Vaporwave I don’t hate it , but I don’t love it either.

It’s an early version of internet art. It does make a person not only look twice but take long looks a few times and that makes it cool.


This is my attempt at a vaporwave. I hope you all enjoy!!!!

Week #12 Exploring Classmates Webpage


For this assignment I went browsing around my classmates websites and found some very interesting things. My classmates are cool people. This semester has been very different not meeting people in person, visiting the website was fun it’s like getting to know someone without meeting them.



I visited Shanae Harris’ site Straight Talk with Kysa this site says everything gets discussed here, I liked that. Shanae has some videos about talking to children about boundaries and internet safety for children.

These are all good things any helpful information and safety tips for kids will be something that I appreciate. I will be visiting your site Shanae for more tips and to see what else you decide to discuss.


Then I took a peek at Cindy Abrue’s site, vibe with cindy. OHHHH this site has a perfect visual for this Christmas season. Cindy definitely has a chill vibe. And terrific advice on how to save money. Which I think we can all use advise and tips on how to  not overspend.

Aaron Swartz


Aaron Schwartz’s work  that I felt was important is keeping data that is available online free and accessible to everyone. Aaron’s idea that the laws should be public information, it all makes sense yet the government and private corporations try to keep things so that they make money.

Read Texas Am GIF by Texas A&M University - Find & Share on GIPHY


Aaron said the internet wasn’t around when the founding fathers wrote the constitution but if it was they would protect it they would want the knowledge that has been acquired thus far to be available to all. Aaron wanted to make the world better


This film was so sad. There is something wrong with the justice system how can America one of the worlds freest nation have the most people in jail. Are we actually free, or are we free until congress/law makers decide they want to change/ make up a law that makes a harmful act into a felony.

Digital Art Freedom GIF by PEEKASSO - Find & Share on GIPHY


Why does our government build cases when there is no case, how can this be he way our nation operates there is no evidence so they gets friends and loved ones scared so they start saying things that can be misconstrued and gets people arrested and locked up in jail. For circumstance of a made up crimes all Aaron  wanted was to make the world better.

Earth GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Instead of becoming a tech billionaire using his genius, instead he wanted us all to have free access to all the information that is available. Instead of being seen for his greatness he ended up with mental instability and his life ended too soon.





Mid-Semester Review

My mid semester review of what I have learned thus far. Let me start by saying I had no idea what to expect at the beginning of the semester, I am not good with online learning I am a person that likes to be in a classroom to have interaction and conversations about what is being taught.


I find it more difficult to be told read these pages and take this test. This class as my first fully online class experience well I feel now that things can only get worst. I don’t know if other professors are as easy to follow and eager to help and also answer emails outside of their office hours. So Professor Seslow has set the bar high. This class has been a great learning experiencing. A very Zen experience.

So in the beginning, I was scared not internet savvy at all. Now here I am with a my own website   , writing blogs and creating gifs using giphy and imgur  not to mention I have learned how to build on photos using pixabay and photopea .

Happy Subway Surfers GIF by SYBO - Find & Share on GIPHY



This is great, but I skipped a lot so let me back up.  What grade would I give myself I would definitely give myself an A. The reason I would give myself an A is for effort I have really tried to get things right and make them visually appealing. I have realized how much memes and gif can enhance what my blog is about, therefore making me a better communicator.

Paint Ink GIF by Kamila Maslowska - Find & Share on GIPHY


I have become a better communicator at work, I have been able to send notes to my team members at work and include gifs and memes now.  Many of them have commented that they like what I am sending.  So ct101 has made a better communicator, using the internet.


Good Job GIF by MOODMAN - Find & Share on GIPHY

Learning how to add these into my blog added a visual making the blogs more interesting, you see with adding these little things it makes reading a blog and following a story more interesting. So definitely an A for creativity. I will continue to work and get better.


Creating Domain Name

Creating my domain name which is I really love this domain name, and enjoyed this assignment.  I have four children and I love children so everything kids I can add on my own site which is so cool.

The process was easy for me. I followed the steps and things worked out fine. I did have one hiccup I didn’t get the coupon code in my email, but I emailed Professor Seslow and within a few minutes he responded with the code. I verified my email and accepted the Terms of Service.  This is so cool.

I can provide advise, arts and crafts, recipes, books for kids so many ideas of things that I have worked for me. I am elated with my choice. Children are the best and if my site in some way can help a parent help their child well how priceless is that.

Nicksplat Rugrat GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

DS 106-Second Attempt

Mashup Assignment – Holiday Mashup

For this assignment I chose holiday mashups and I had a lot of fun. It’s tedious work and takes a long time but this time I enjoyed it no frustration.

I enjoyed it so much I did it two times. I did the same holiday with two different themes.  One a has a childlike cartoon feel, the other well you be the judge. I chose these three holidays because, Halloween is all about tricking and treating, Thanksgiving a day as Americans we all take to be thankful for our blessings, my favorite holiday Christmas the birth of our savior.

I hope you all enjoy my attempt at these holiday mashups !!!! The way I created my holiday mashups were by using photopea, and pixabay these tools became easier for me to use this time around. I used layering a lot, changing up the position of how each picture would layer the more I was having fun this time around. I used the eraser a bunch. I also used the doubling an image feature and opaque, when I tried that I decided I didn’t like that affect, I was just happy that I knew how to use it.

Domain Name Idea

My first thought on what would be a good domain name of course is my name, because the website is about me and things I may like or dislike a place I can post anything I want all about me. So this is my first choice. Other ideas are I’m a mother of 4 from Jamaica West Indies, I may have parenting tips and ideas I can share. I thought about, this has some island flair I am proud to be a Caribbean mother, we are a bit special with our views.

Then the professor did a search of how much people have paid for domain names, and of course this then got me thinking maybe there is something I can use to help make money at some point.


The thought of making some money all for creating a domain name made me excited. So I asked my children for help to think of something that they think someone would want to buy and they came up with I thought what a great idea, cause oh boy will 2020 be looked up in years to come. So  I think I’d like to chose if it’s available only cause it’s a possible money maker.


DS 106 Assignment: Concert You Wanna Be At

The assignment I chose is a visual one. I wanted to put myself in a Michael Jackson concert. The skills needed for this task are essential in today’s world of the internet, being able to crop and add images in layers is a skill I feel can be used in many aspects.

Concert You Want to Be At


DS 106 assignment, this assignment was very difficult for me the assignment I choose is concert I would like to be. as soon as I saw that option i knew that that is the one for me. I love Michael Jackson and well would have loved to see him in concert. So picking my assignment was the easy part. I then began my search in google to find a picture that I think would be great to put myself in.  This wasn’t hard, I found the perfect picture and that is where trouble my nightmare began.


The skills needed for this assignment is to know how to get that image from google to save to my laptop and making sure i had a photo application on my laptop to get this picture added and be able to crop and layer my picture on. I installed photoshop on my computer a free trail for 2 weeks, I also installed a pixeler that was used in the tutorial i watched in the ds 106 compository . none of these worded for me. I felt like crying i worked so hard on trying to make this all work. So after weeks of being unsuccessful and feeling like like i was never going to get this right, i reached out to Professor Seslow via email and he responded quickly sent me a dfferent photo editing site and agreed to help me before class.

I tried the photopea site on my own and still the picture i choose was not working so I finally decided that this picture had to be the problem and i went back to google this time on my cell phone, I found another picture this was great right until I went to my laptop and tried to find the same picture and was not successful I got frustrated again and talked myself into calming down. Then i decided to email myself from my cell phone and retrieve it that email on my laptop. And Thank GOD that worked what a sigh of relief. I  got a picture onto the photopea cite the professor sent me. The next day he helped me resize and fix my picture


Now the project I didn’t choose but would like to attempt and complete is the from the ds 106 site. I think  there will be skills I can learn doing this assignment that will be fun.

CT-101 Expectation

Nervous Anxiety GIF by blackbear

When I signed up for this class I was very anxious, I am not a young person and the internet can be very intimidating.  After our first class meeting I felt relaxed. First there is no need to spend money on a text book, then no quizzes no test how great is that, and the class even though it’s all zoom has a real nice flow it’s like coffee with Ryan an easy to follow conversation.

Relaxing Hot Tub GIF by JAMKOO

The things I will be learning in the class will be things I can actually use in life, unlike other classes where there maybe formulas and equations to remember the contents I will be learning in this class I feel for me will be useful.

Hard Work GIF by memecandy

The techniques I will learn  in ct 101  I believe will not only help me become more comfortable with the internet but will teach me things I can use and do with the internet that will enhance someone else’ online experience.   Even making my first GIF was so exciting for me. It expresses my enthusiasm about this class.


Ct101 GIF



Assignment #1 Internet Happiness

The internet was scary at first for me, but over time the internet has become my friend.  I love that I can find new recipes from ever culture, I enjoy preparing those new meals for my family.


I can find good old time music. You name it its all there. Even helping my children with there homework, I can you tube a math problem and  there will be a  tutorial there to help me help them. The internet brings me happiness now that I am more comfortable on how to use this tool.

I am excited about ct101 and how the knowledge I acquire will help me to help my family.