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Upon the start of CT101, I doubted myself more than I doubted my ability to do what this course requires. I have been writing since I could remember, but as I’ve said before, I lack vulnerability with my audience. Which in my opinion, is key, because anyone can creatively write, but not everyone has something to say.

In our introductory post, I shared with you what was easiest for me to share with people: music. When I sit down and analyze why I feel comfortable sharing music comparing to other of my works, I come to the realization that it’s because it’s content  I have been creating the longest.
Practice makes perfect(ish), but the more you do something, the more confidence you enable yourself to gain.

Following my self-analysis, it dawned upon me that “I did not choose this course; the course chose me, and I almost missed it!” (Click here to read my opinions about CT101 vs other courses). I placed my faith in this course, and of course, professor Seslow, that at every step of the way, I would build more of an intimate relationship with the internet.

A great way to do something new and out of my comfort zone was to create a meme account and explore its possibilities. While writing my “Are meme’s art?” blog, I learned that meme’s have more potential that what people typically see on social media or share with our friends.  Because you can use any recorded content to create something new, with new meaning and intentions, meme’s are most definitely art.

Need practice or to build some confidence? I’ve got you covered. For practice in creating content,  the ds106 Assignment Bank offers a variety of projects you can try and are rated by difficulty which allows you to either stay within your comfort zone or challenge.

Through the Assignment bank, I gained practice in video editing and somewhat of the basic guideline on how to write a terms of service. Heavy on the “somewhat”. But more specifically, I remixed some scenes of the Incredibles animated movie with Yolanda’s Be Cool song “We No Speak Americano” and wrote an Apocalypse Terms of Service that you can read here, in my blog.

Check out the remix:

One of most appalling truths I have learned in CT101 is actually not a technique or strategy, but information. The documentary of Aaron Swartz taught me how vile and unjust the American system is. I already felt this way before seeing the documentary, but I suppose it added to my anger.
However, as I stated in the closing of Internet’s Own Boy blog, “as long as we live in ignorance, we will forever be slaves and puppets. It is time to start questioning”. This truth has opened up a new reality for me, and thanks to CT101’s influence, I will be able to help others find it too.

Following this revelation, and only after fully understanding that the internet is one of the most powerful tools in the world, came the creation of our own websites. And truthfully, It all feels like the cultivation of a very healthy relationship… if handled correctly.

My website, Mono Pillowtalk was created with the intention to “cover topics that one typically suppresses or ignores, that I have silenced, in a creative way”, and thus, far both my short stories Wallflower, Sunflowers, & Petals and Playa Juan Dolio do just that.  Check them out!

My website is my newborn babe. It is currently being neglected due to finals AND the preparation of summer classes (for me), but I do intend to keep it, use it, and grow with it. I will use it as my beginner friendly website where I can explore and fully master customizing and HTML. See what works, visually, so that later when I do feel ready to grow my business through the internet, I can do it all by myself. Growth, baby.

After knowledge, comes the work and the work wont do itself. Thus, thats on me. But if I don’t, what I do know for sure is that CT101 has prepared me for bigger and better things to come.

I am both happy and scared to part ways with CT101, but thanks to professor Seslow, I know I will be alright. Every step of the way was carefully laid out, organized, and explained. It could not be more crystal. The doubt that I had been placing on myself is no longer there. I have the right information and resources to handle my own website or the internet as a whole, and for that I am grateful.

As for my grade, when combining both my literal words and my actions in this course, I deserve an A. What type of A? that depends on the technicalities, which I have unfortunately not have been paying close attention to. So, maybe an A-/ B+ minimum? Sounds about right. I have done all the blog posts, contributed to the class’ meme folder, supported and encouraged my fellow classmates. If I truly had to pick something I wish I did better, it would be turning on my camera more often. Despite of this, I have always been right there. Loud and clear.

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  1. Thank you so much, Baz’an!
    You have completed excellent work this semester across all criteria!
    Thank you for your insights and participation in our zoom classes!
    You work has been super consistent all semester, a very steady climb of creative awesomeness!
    Thank you for the great reflection here too!
    Have a great summer!

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