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Greetings classmates

Being a journalism major I heard around the hallways that CT was a fun class to take and I have to say that I was not disappointed. I just wish that the class was in person and I was in a better state of mind. This semester has been the most mentally challenging one and I thank God that I am the type of person who doesn’t like to quit.

Throughout the semester I learned to communicate through technology and I know that seems redundant being that the class is literally communications technology but I just feel that it is deeper than that. Art is an expressive tool and being that digital art is a thing, it is another way to express emotions or ideas and thus, telling a story or creating conversation.

When I open up a laptop or use a desktop I did the basic copy and paste shortcut and type my papers.. now I have the acquired skills to print and screenshot from the keyboard. I also learned to insert/create hyperlinks on an image or text. I can make my own GIFs, memes, create a website, create stickers, distort an image using the panoramic feature on a camera, create an image with different edits of our choice, blend images together to create one and use different effects on an image to create a new image.

Aside from the technical stuff, I learned to work with my group mates to create a fun image, I learned to blog properly, I learned to interact with my peers through a web platform and I learned to apply what I learned in class to a real life situation or assignment.

This class was more than just learning what was being told to us, I really think that Professor Seslow has been one of the most patient and understanding Professors that I’ve encountered, which I am very grateful for.  The class and the recordings of the class was both informative and helpful, I am one of the students who played catch up throughout the semester and it has been to my benefit to follow all of his steps like a recipe.

As of right now, I am struggling getting my website to be up and running. I’m not sure why I’m struggling so much because when I first created the domain, it said I was clear to jumpstart the website but a lot of complications came through (just my luck) and I think this will effect my grade. I felt like I was holding a high B in the class but this website and the assignments following it, will probably bring my grade down to a C or a high D and I just hope that I don’t fail. I came to every in person class that was scheduled and I participate for the most part, did the rest of the blog assignments and commented on my peers posts. I haven’t been completely absent from the class so I think I hold a fair standing. However, if my grade is being impacted negatively I will do whatever extra work I have to do to get me in the passing bracket of this class.

I really enjoyed the variety of assignments we had throughout the semester, it really brought out the creative side of my brain out and it allowed me to explore the different ways to complete each assignment. I can definitely apply the knowledge I gained in the course into the world because I’m in the process of building a platform for my grooming business, I can expand my content and create different things to draw an audience. I don’t know specifically what things I’d be using- I just know that I’ll be using it because it is part of technology and I’d be a unique blogger because I will have unique content.

Ideally, once I get the website up and running I will like to keep and maintain it. I will become a veterinarian one day and I will travel the world to help animals of all shapes and sizes, the website will allow me to broadcast my journey and allow my followers to either donate or participate on my journey. The world is my oyster.

2 thoughts on “Final Blog Post”

  1. Thanks so much, Kiara!
    Ohh you have done really great work this semester in CT101!
    Across all criteria, not to worry! Your blogging and storytelling skills have advanced each week, and you participated and always were thoughtful in your comments and discussions.
    We can continue working on the websites for as long as we wish, it lasts for a year but you can always renew it. CT101 helps us “get our feet wet” with the potentials of having and running a site!
    Thanks so much!

  2. Hey Kiara,

    I want to say great work on this final blog post. I really liked your LOTR meme. I also just want to pass because school work can be stressful but at least we tried. I hope all goes well take care.

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