Something I enjoyed about my CT101 class was the environment. The particular reason I enjoyed the environment of the class was that the professor gave us total creative control throughout every task that we had to do. In the future I would like to use these skills that I learned in this class by elaborating on them.

I would keep my website because it is something that I enjoyed creating and I would like to keep working on it.

LINK TO WEBSITE: Pages ‹ Joely’s life (

This was me the summer of 2023!

From the first assignment Happy on the Internet I was excited to embark on a creative journey that I never thought possible.

In the middle of the semester, I was excited to be in a class like this because I got to show others a side of me that I do not talk about much.

The blog post I was excited for was MY PASSION . This was my favorite post because I got to put my story out to the public.

In my Mid semester reflection I recall that for my grade I should get a C but I decerve a C- bevause I really did not put that much effert as i shoul’ve into the assignments that we had to do.

Me right now waiting for my grade to come out for the fall 23.


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  1. Thank you!
    Good was accomplished this semester!
    You are being a lil’ harsh on your final grade 🙂
    Thank you for the participation and evolution in your learning here in CT101!
    Happy Holidays!

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