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I Deserve whatever’s coming to me. At this point I know I passed but to what degree, heck I’ll say a B+ because I didn’t get to comment, but we are here now! This is it for me the last class of my college life and the last final of my classes that be. I need a break and a better job just because I want one. I’ve heard the future is going to be hard, but with a lot of perseverance and confidence, I will achieve my goals. I truly am blessed to have been a part of CT101. The future is moving digital and perhaps this class was meant for me to attend. It has become my first digital footprint and I will blaze a pixel trail with more things to come.

Things I learned in CT101

      • The creative and expressive use of GIFs and communication on a digital platform.
      • Utilizing technology, AI, and other online resources to my advantage
      • The importance of communication and actively engaging with others in a digital space
      • Creating a website
      • The importance of understanding the advancing technology of the future

Creating GIFs was probably not only mine and probably many other students favorite thing to do in here. I really enjoyed making the MMM page overall the most as it gave me my first trial and error to creating my own offical website (JAYSXEAST.COM)

I was able to add many different sources of media whether it’s embedded or hyperlinked to what I want easy access to for my visitors. I really wish I had more time to sit down and do things but even so, I never picked up the habit of working on things slowly, I’m still used to vomiting content when they are near the deadline or just plain late. A part of me will hate to say this now but maybe I get a (B-) instead because of my work ethic as its own.

It was a brain exercise choosing from a list of digital projects available to use for assignment 5 where I got the chance to showcase my musical talents in a different way. Creating that audio recording for a digital story was something I never thought I would be able to do.

I have to cut this short in hopes of meeting this deadline, forgive me if this felt short.


4 thoughts on “CT101 Final Blog Post / Jonathan Cadet”

  1. Thank you, Jonathan!
    Great work here in CT101!
    YOu have completed solid work that evolved each week, your mmm.page is fantastic! Gives me an early 2000’s aesthetic vibe, I love it!
    Your website is also looking great!
    I’d say your up higher than a B+!
    Congrats on your Graduation!
    Happy Holidays!

      Thank you Professor Seslow!
      It was a pleasure working with you, you are a very talented and gifted teacher and I appreciate everything you have done for us this semester!
      I learned so much it was a shame to learn about CT so late in my semester as this is something that I like very much. I wish I could get more classes with you maybe in the future who knows, it is a small world.
      Thanks again for your support, I’m happy you like the mmm page, I like it too it’s my favorite haha,
      and I will do my best with the knowledge you gifted to me! You are the best!

      Upward on Onward~
      Stay well~

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