Final Blog Post

Welcome to my final blog post!

Let me tell you guys how my experience was during CT101…





Although it was hard learning all these new things and making sure my blog was perfected,

To reiterate what I said in the mid-semester reflection, this class did teach me how to be more creative and how to use the website and the writing I have for good. All the technical stuff I learned was new but the impact that digital technology has on us and that it continues to make in this world is something I took for granted. For example, the idea that memes are art might be weird and bizarre to some, but in this day and age, it’s true. As Lessig argues in his TED talk about copyrights, technology is a “tool of creativity…[and] of literacy for our generation. It is who our kids are.” My parents tell me all the time that I’m not focused enough in school because of my phone or that I’m lazy because of my phone and all sorts of things. I admit I am a bit dependent on it, but after taking this class, is that necessarily a bad thing, given what it has done and what it can do?

Therefore, in addition to making me more creative and improving my communication skills, I would like to thank this class for making me reflect on my relationship with digital technology. It has its cons, but I am truly grateful for it!

Because I’m a journalism major, I have no choice but to apply these skills to my career in the future. Given that I’m a college student and have a part-time job, it will be hard to maintain my website, but during breaks and maybe even after college I’ll keep it as a blog for me to keep posting on and expressing my thoughts (assuming that I have access to it a year from now). My website will be a blog to me but also a way to share to the world things that are going on, to bring awareness, and to provide people with resources that they can use to make a change. Also as a journalism major, this is really helpful and can help me practice those skills. It definitely took some time figuring out how to delete all the defaults that came with the site and make it my own, but it was worth it. After all, good things come to those who wait! 

In terms of what grade I think I should earn in this class, I think I serve an A- because all though, I haven’t caught up on all the assignments on time, I made sure I did everything with all of my efforts. My blog isn’t as creative as others, but there was just as much effort put into it and this blog post. As you can see here, I think I made use of all the skills we learned in this class! But in the end, you’re the teacher so…





As I said before, being able to create a website is easy and accessible, but making it your own is what takes time (but then again that’s up to your discretion, you could leave it as is). Using apps like WordPress does aid in the process and gives you easy ways to customize your site. Regardless, it’s cool what you can do, and if you would like to have a blog or website, then this is a great place to start. I 100% recommend it for beginners like me!

It’s bittersweet 😢 to be writing this and have this class end, but I’m glad I was able to take this before I graduated. Thank you Mr. Seslow, to all my classmates and viewers, and have a good break! 

*and scene* 

May we meet again 🙂

―The 100 (THE best show on earth)