Final Course Reflection

CT 101 has been one of my favorite and most interesting classes this year I’ve been able to do so much much new and creative things that I would’ve hardly seen myself doing.

And what are some of these things you may ask well for starters  making and using GIFS for an assignment.


No seriously it caught me off guard I would’ve never thought a college professor would be cool with the idea of using GIFS within a class but it was different so I liked it. I learned how to use the ct101 site and add things like media and hyperlinks and embedding things onto my post speaking of which feel free to watch this mixtape that I made for my hacking and building final hope you like it. 


I enjoyed everything about this class to keep it very honest with you I was never pressed to get work done by a certain time and I could complete the work when it was best for me and it was never hard once you put some thought and effort into the blog post or on your website did I mention that I created a domain name cool right? But anyways if you want to take a look at my website here it is 

I definitely want to continue to use my website after this class I’ve had some ideas on what I would use it for but that decision will come later in the future but I’m definitely keeping it that’s for sure as of right now I just have a background picture of my 2k character and two posts on my website its nothing crazy yet but it’ll progress, in what direction will I take it?


All in all this class was a great way to express myself  and along with my peers and as for the grade I feel I deserve well of course it would be an A+ not to be cocky at all but i just feel like on top of me getting all the assignments done i tried to interact with the course more to get something out of it and put my very best effort completing each weeks assignment but that’s enough about me cheers to another successful semester


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  1. Thanks so much, Chad!
    A great semester full of creative out-put – Good work this semester!
    Thank you for the commitment to the course work!
    Have a great summer!
    Thank You!

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