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The final week of the semester never has failed to be the saddest. Even though summer is beginning and many are excited to start heading to the beach or party, its always sad to finish a your favorite courses. This class really expanded my creativity and so far has been my favorite course so far and I’m sadden that it has come to an end.

From learning how to make blog posts to creating our very own websites with our own domain name, this class has been full of our own creativity and is why its been my favorite. Being a Communication Technology major this is the class that starts off my major and if this is how most of my CT classes are going to be like I am very excited to sign up for these classes.

In terms of the grade I deserve I will be honest with myself, this has not been a good semester for me. During the middle of the semester I lost someone very close to me back in Colombia and traveled back there to attend all the services and be with my family. I did not have the best internet there and would find myself having the worst connection and would frequently miss classes and be forced to go to internet cafes whenever I had the chance. Of course there should be no excuse as to having missing work which is why I tried to make up for all the work I have missed for all of my classes. At most I think a C is what I earned with the late work and missing posts but even with this being my worst semester in terms of grades I still had a lot of fun with most of my classes and with CT 101 I knew it was going to be fun from the very beginning.

The Gif post and the making our own meme post were both my favorites apart from making our own website. These two things are apart of the modern social media and even if it doesn’t seem important it’s still good skills to have and you could make many people laugh with them!

I also finally completed my website! It took me a while to come up with something I wanted to make a website out of but then I came across a New York Times article and remembered I always wanted to try journalism. I struggled a lot with the customization with the website because it was a bit confusing but in the end I was able to come up with a simple but fun design that still gave it a journalistic feeling. Making my stories/blog posts was also very fun and I took a lot of inspiration from the New York Times and I even took some of my own photos as well as interviewed some people!

I made stories on restaurants during the pandemic and a fire that recently happened in my neighborhood and it was a very fun experience and I have decided to keep my website up as well as continue updating it. I’m not a journalism major but it felt really nice to try something new and I definitely would not of done this had I not taken this class.

Thank you to all my classmates and especially to the Professor for making this a fun course, I wish I had been more apart of it but during the time that I was it was a great experience that gave me a lot of new useful skills. I hope everyone has a great summer!


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  1. Thank you, Andres!
    It was a fun semester and we all learned a lot together here in CT101!
    This is a great final post and sums things up really well!
    Have a great summer!

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