Final Post

What did you enjoy about our class and how will you apply your new skills into the world?

I really enjoyed being in this class this semester. I liked how fun and creative things were and how interactive everything was. (I enjoyed the memes on everyone’s weekly blogs the most). With the class now over I think, I’ll use my newly acquired skills to look at things more creatively and to find ways to make boring tasks more fun and exciting and less of a drag.

shikamaru from Naruto

I hope that future courses I take have the same type of freedom when it comes to assignments. The feeling of being able to really make something your own.

You learned how to build a website, will you maintain and keep up your new website? If so, how? If not, Why not?

I enjoyed building my website and I really like where it is at right now. After the class is officially over I’m thinking about turning it into a website specifically for my gta content. I’ll also have to consider new themes and ways to make my website more fun and appealing.

my gta character 🙂


Overall I still think I am in the B-ish range but my constant overthinking makes me feel like I should expect a C. Honestly I’ll just be happy to pass, as I know most of my posts were late.

behold my cool website!!

I think I’ll wrap up my monologue here, but before I do, I’ll link all my previous posts. Assignment 1Assignment 2Assignment 3Assignment 4Assignment 7Assignment 8Assignment 9Assignment 10 Part 1Assignment 10 Part 2.

Thank you and have a nice summer.

1 thought on “Final Post”

  1. Thank you, Sir!
    I appreciate the completed work and commitment to the website building project!
    Keep going! Its looking good so far!
    You will be surprised how much creative power a website can lend to many of our needs for self expression! Even 1 new post per month to share life’s travels 🙂
    You are in the high B grade range for sure, and I appreciate the honesty and transparency here too.
    Have a great summer!

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