Assignment 1.

This week what is making me happy is the new game Hogwarts Legacy. It was officially released on the 10th but since I preordered it I got to play it 3 days early.  I spent a good majority of my weekend doing quests and exploring the vast world inside the game. Unfortunately we can’t play quidditch in the game.

After I felt tired from playing Hogwarts, I got on GTA,  one of my favorite games.
I could spend hours on Grand Theft Auto just doing whatever with my friends. But I mainly try to focus on getting entertaining clips while playing, for my GTA TikTok account.

4 thoughts on “Assignment 1.”

  1. Looking good!
    Nice use of embedded media and hyperlinks!
    Let’s add a bit more written content and describe why you love these things? What is about GTA that you love so much? What details stand out? We can always edit our posts and add more as we go!

  2. Ive been so obsessed with hogwarts as well, some of the missions have been difficult but I’ve enjoyed them I don’t like when games are too easy. I’ve also been so excited to talk to anyone I can about this game i’m loving it and just they way it’s developed.

  3. Hey zecharius, I’ve been seeing people play Hogwarts legacy and while I wasn’t a big harry potter fan the game looks exciting and different, I didn’t realize how detailed and intricate the game was until watching a few playthroughs.

  4. I bought Hogwarts Legacy too but, I haven’t had the chance to play much of it yet. I heard it was really good though and takes a lot of inspiration from the books. Have you played GTA RP yet?

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