Assignment 3 – Memes

have a seat, we’re talking about memes

Are Memes Art?

I would consider memes to be a form of art in which people can express themselves however they may feel. When searching on the internet whether a meme can be seen as a piece of art I came across a website which gave valid reasonings towards why memes can be considered art in this day and age. The simple reasoning is art is always evolving.

art evolves as we evolve

Is this good or bad for communication?

I believe memes can be good for communication. I believe this because sometimes it may be easier to address and convey certain topics or discussions with a fun image to make it feel less overbearing. It’s also a great way to change the standard means of expression.

this is a meme I made sometime ago expressing how I feel whenever someone touches my funko pop collection

Can MEMEs be used for storytelling?

I find memes like this to be enlightening because they can tell stories about when times were dire and still make it seem on the brighter side. It can also make a long story much shorter and more tolerable to hear.

Thank you for reading and I’m looking forward towards the comments.

1 thought on “Assignment 3 – Memes”

  1. OK! So far so good!
    I love the memes that you made and curated here!
    Good work!
    Now we can dig into the revisions!
    Always take second look at the assignment blog post, re-read through it, watch the video recording to follow along with my process as it will help you add structure and retain the fragments that are easy to miss. We always need to embed and reference a video (even if it is the same one I used in my post) – looking forward to your revision!

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