Final Post

What did you enjoy about our class and how will you apply your new skills into the world?

I really enjoyed being in this class this semester. I liked how fun and creative things were and how interactive everything was. (I enjoyed the memes on everyone’s weekly blogs the most). With the class now over I think, I’ll use my newly acquired skills to look at things more creatively and to find ways to make boring tasks more fun and exciting and less of a drag.

shikamaru from Naruto

I hope that future courses I take have the same type of freedom when it comes to assignments. The feeling of being able to really make something your own.

You learned how to build a website, will you maintain and keep up your new website? If so, how? If not, Why not?

I enjoyed building my website and I really like where it is at right now. After the class is officially over I’m thinking about turning it into a website specifically for my gta content. I’ll also have to consider new themes and ways to make my website more fun and appealing.

my gta character 🙂


Overall I still think I am in the B-ish range but my constant overthinking makes me feel like I should expect a C. Honestly I’ll just be happy to pass, as I know most of my posts were late.

behold my cool website!!

I think I’ll wrap up my monologue here, but before I do, I’ll link all my previous posts. Assignment 1Assignment 2Assignment 3Assignment 4Assignment 7Assignment 8Assignment 9Assignment 10 Part 1Assignment 10 Part 2.

Thank you and have a nice summer.

Assignment 10 – Part 1

Choosing a theme for my website was probably the hardest part of the process. The variety of themes WordPress had to offer kept me going back and forth.

Ultimately I decided on “Twenty Fifteen“. I really liked the format of this theme and how it made my posts look. The side panel was also a plus, (I’ll attach it below)
here you can see the name of my website followed by a welcome line, further down are links to my recent posts and at the bottom is comments from viewers

After picking my theme, I got to work on customizing the layout of the site. I decided to add some pictures I took as a background wallpaper. However I did notice that the picture won’t always show up on the website, for example on the computers in the classroom the whole picture can be seen but on devices such as laptops and cellphones the picture is either cropped a weird way or doesn’t even show up.

This is what it looks like on mobile devices.
While looking a bit more thoroughly I noticed that my welcome message to the viewers was also missing.
Overall I would say I like how it turned out in the end on my laptop, but I’m still not too sure about getting it to look the specific way I want it to on mobile devices.

Assignment 7 – Reflection Post

How am I doing in CT101?

Overall I would say I am doing well in the course, I do have a few missing assignments but I hope to get them all done soon. The course so far was very informative and kept me interested.

What have I learned and retained the most?

The main thing that I would say I learned was that you can put a lot of elements into your blog posts and really make it how you want. It can be as personal as you would like it to be.

What do I know now that I did not know before taking this class?

I now know that gifs aren’t just for entertainment purposes, I know now that they can be used express certain expressions that can really be said with words and such. Gifs can make your readers fully understand what you’re trying to go for in your posts.

What grade do I believe I am maintaining and why do I deserve that grade? 

I think I am in the B range given that I have a few missing posts.

Do I see my weekly blogging work expanding creatively? If so, please explain why –  or am I stuck in a loop where my posts seem to look the same most of the time, how will I change that?

My work has definitely got more creative since when I started. I can feel comfortable saying my posts are more personal feeling because I’m not using just any random gifs and memes I find. I hand pick each gif from things that are relevant to me.

Are there any assignments that you are missing? If so, list them.

As of right now I am missing assignments 5 and 6.

Are you commenting regularly on your classmates posts? Are you responding back to comments given to you by the professor & your classmates?

I need to comment more and respond more for sure.


Assignment 4

I would say that I’m pretty passionate about anime, cartoons and things like that. Growing up I was always a fan of One Piece, an anime which follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew on their quest to find the greatest treasure “THE ONE PIECE”.

One Piece is renowned for its diverse and compelling cast of characters. Each character has their own unique backstories and their own goals and ambitions aside from Luffy’s main goal of becoming the King of the Pirates.



Assignment 3 – Memes

have a seat, we’re talking about memes

Are Memes Art?

I would consider memes to be a form of art in which people can express themselves however they may feel. When searching on the internet whether a meme can be seen as a piece of art I came across a website which gave valid reasonings towards why memes can be considered art in this day and age. The simple reasoning is art is always evolving.

art evolves as we evolve

Is this good or bad for communication?

I believe memes can be good for communication. I believe this because sometimes it may be easier to address and convey certain topics or discussions with a fun image to make it feel less overbearing. It’s also a great way to change the standard means of expression.

this is a meme I made sometime ago expressing how I feel whenever someone touches my funko pop collection

Can MEMEs be used for storytelling?

I find memes like this to be enlightening because they can tell stories about when times were dire and still make it seem on the brighter side. It can also make a long story much shorter and more tolerable to hear.

Thank you for reading and I’m looking forward towards the comments.

Assignment 2 GIFS

What did you think on the first day of the CT101?

On the first day of class, I was kind of nervous and also excited at the same time. I felt nervous about meeting new people and introducing myself, but I was excited about the course because it seems like a very fun class to take.

Did you like hearing about the course and its creative content? How did it make you feel?

Upon hearing about the course and its content, I thought that it was relatively easy work, but also knew that if I waited too long and let the work pile up I would feel overwhelmed.

How does CT101 compare to some of your other classes so far?

CT101 is definitely a lot more convenient for me. I like how everything is much easy to access and not as nerve-racking as the traditional ways professors usually teach, e.g. with long textbooks and outdated learning materials. But at the end of the day, these are still classes that I need to pass.

Assignment 1.

This week what is making me happy is the new game Hogwarts Legacy. It was officially released on the 10th but since I preordered it I got to play it 3 days early.  I spent a good majority of my weekend doing quests and exploring the vast world inside the game. Unfortunately we can’t play quidditch in the game.

After I felt tired from playing Hogwarts, I got on GTA,  one of my favorite games.
I could spend hours on Grand Theft Auto just doing whatever with my friends. But I mainly try to focus on getting entertaining clips while playing, for my GTA TikTok account.