GF’ing for CT

My first day of CT was such an eye-opener because I was completely lost and misguided on how the whole blogging process worked. But today in class, my worries were put at ease and I was definitely able to refocus and put myself on track, with the help of the professor and my classmate. In my mind I look like her saying “hmm?” Now I feel like I’m not so lost anymore.

Hearing about the course and its creative content got me dancing in my shoes, I love to be able to express myself in a unique and entertaining way and blogging will give me the opportunity to be as creative as I want to be. I’m excited to see where the rest of the semester takes us as a class and where it takes me.

My other classes stress me out and CT used to stress me out in the beginning because I didn’t know what I was doing. I feel like maybe I just need to reset myself in my other classes so I don’t burnout. I am majoring in journalism and I have taken a photography class so blogging is not that new for me however, I’ve never blogged like this before. The closest I’ve gotten to “blogging creatively” is on Instagram.

The potentials of this class can bloom into something beautiful. There are so many different ways to post creatively, collaborate with each other and learn more technical shortcuts for all of us to use in the future.

I feel smart learning the different internet tools because I can utilize it outside of the classroom. I also have the ability to teach others around me and I feel like it makes me versatile, I can use these tools to my advantage. I think learning new things expands the mind and can make anyone feel better about themselves because knowledge is food for the brain.

3 thoughts on “GF’ing for CT”

  1. Great work on this!
    I love the GIF selection and how your written passages flow like a narrative!
    You got this!
    Thank you for adding hyperlinks and context to the post as well!

  2. I like the selection of gifs you chose. the words you chose really do flow the story of your opions of this class. 👍
    I like how you used hyperlinks to make your story pop more for better information on how hard student life is.

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