Don’t mind me, just struggling to figure out my major…as always. Originally I had a psych class but the night before school started I dropped it and replaced it with this Communications class. “Why Communications?” You may ask. Well, I’ve seen many people (literally one person in a random youtube video comment section) say that they went into communications because they didn’t know what to major in. So I thought “well why not”.

At first, I was nervous because you know who’s not nervous about the first day of your new class? But once I entered class my nerves slowly went away. Being in the computer room, surrounded by good people, and a good professor made this class a lot more enjoyable. Professor Ryan kinda gives off Sikowitz vibes and not Sikowitz’s odd side but his creative side. Which is how I knew I was going to enjoy this class. Please don’t see this as a diss professor, I mean this in a good way!

Although I was nervous on the outside, on the inside I was excited. First of all the name itself, “Digital Storytelling” caught my eye instantly. I love going digital and I love storytelling. It’s a match made in heaven honestly. Also, after reading the class description I figured this was way up my alley. Having to design and build an online identity is something I do often. Some examples are, I share my sim pictures on Tumblr and I used to post video edits on Instagram. So knowing that I’ll be creating and sharing things digitally made me excited.

The creativity that is put into this class makes this my favorite class out of all of them. Of course, English class needs some type of creativity but writing essays back to back makes me burnt out after a while. Now I don’t have any creative ideas left. I’m also very limited in what I can do in English class. But in CT101 I can write AND link things in a blog post. I don’t have to bore myself with writing when I can also include gifs and link videos which makes my writing more fun.

This class has limitless potential in terms of creativity. We can explore the potential for producing art, multimedia projects, and more through this course. Like how we were supposed to make out own gif and include it in this blog post. I never made my own gif before but this is my first ever gif. It’s in honor of one of my favorite twitch streamers finally getting unbanned, BruceDropEmOff. I made it using imgur since all the other gifs I used were from giphy. It took me a while to learn how to use imgur and how to make gifs on there but I got it. Giphy is easier to use in my opinion.

Speaking of learning about gifs, learning new abilities that make use of internet resources is thrilling. There are constantly new tools and approaches to learn and explore due to the internet’s ever-evolving technology. I explored the history of gifs and did you know that the first color picture online was a gif (Smithsonian)? No? Me neither! But it’s fun to learn random internet facts when you’re always on the internet. 

The internet is a fantastic resource for learning new things and expanding one’s knowledge base. Gifs are merely one of the many ways you may express yourself and produce something original. The options are unlimited with so many tools and resources. So let’s get to gif-ing!


4 thoughts on “GIFS, GIFS, More GIFS”

  1. Hi Trenae
    I have been poking around your blog post and decided to check out your Tumblr account. How cool that you linked your account page to our class blog. I thought that was wise of you, as it’s a great way to witness a person’s creative style.
    Also, I am unfamiliar with Sims, although I have heard people refer to their “simulation” profiles, which sounds fun.
    I recently created a Tumblr profile for this class, and I was wondering if you could give me some direction on how I could also make a sims profile.
    The following URL is my post this week
    It’s not finished yet but still a work in progress. I look forward to hearing back from you.

    1. Hey, Jour! Since you made a Tumblr you don’t necessarily have to make a sim profile, it can be based on whatever you’re interested in! For example, I’ve seen you post cats on your blog often so I’m assuming you like cats. You can make a page entirely dedicated to cats. I only made a sim profile because of my interest in the sims 4 game and I wanted somewhere to post my sim screenshots. Blogs heavily rely on tags for engagement so make sure you’re tagging your posts with things related to what you post. People also use Tumblr to write stories so if you like to write you can do that as well. It’s just a place that has endless creativity.

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