My Final Blog Post

school is over!
school is over!
The Final Blog Post

War is OVER. The semester is finally finished. As a college freshman, one year went by so quickly. This semester finished way quicker than the first one. But CT101…you will have a special place in my heart for real. The flexibility of this class and being able to creatively express myself felt like a breath of fresh air compared to my other classes. I can say I really enjoyed that I had to channel many creative ideas to make my blog posts. Before I used to hold back on letting my creative ideas flow because I didn’t want to be seen as “extra” but thanks to this class I’m over that. I’ll let my creative ideas flow where ever and whenever. 

In my Mid-Semester Recap blog post, I mentioned that I took this class to see if I would enjoy communications as a major. This class gave me a great first impression but I sadly don’t see myself pursuing this in the future. However, with all the great things I’ve learned and all the websites and tools I’ve been introduced to, I’ll definitely be using them in my daily life outside of school. Mostly when it comes to my Sims and editing any of my Sims photos, I will be going straight to Photopea. Photoshop aint free!

The struggles of photo editing.
The struggles of photo editing.

One of the major things I’ve learned is how easy it is to create your own website…Well, that’s AFTER you get your domain name and work on it outside of campus because the server is blocked on campus. But aside from all of that, it’s quite fun and easy. It’s funny though cause the hardest part was the customization. I was sort of confused but in the end, I succeeded. 

For my website, I decided to go with a minimalistic approach. I didn’t want to do anything too crazy so I was simple with it. After I got the color scheme together I added some pictures to make the front page look more aesthetically pleasing. And I loved how it turned out. I call it “My Digital Diary”. Each picture represents what I’m going to post on my blog. So the headphones are about music, the computer is about gaming, and the bag of books is about the books I’m reading. Here’s the link

My Digital Diary
My Digital Diary

I have three pages, one that tells you what my blog is about, and another one that directs you back to the homepage of my blog a navigation section. You can check the navigation which gives a short description of what each category is about. Also speaking of categories, if you want to navigate through each category without going back and forth to the navigation page, you can also click the categories at the top right of the screen. The reason I made three different is so people read what they are interested in without scrolling through my entire blog. For example, if you are only interested in games then you click on the gaming category and you’ll be able to see all the posts related to gaming. Here’s a quick overview:

about section
about section
individual category
individual category

In this class, I believe I deserve at least an A. In my past blog postings, I have continually put out my best effort to demonstrate innovation and uniqueness throughout the semester. Each piece was the result of significant research and a genuine interest in the subjects at hand. Not only did I work hard to complete the assignments, but I also went above and above to find other materials and websites that expanded my knowledge beyond the limits of the course. The improvement I have made is amazing.

Here are all my previous blogs posts:

  1. Happy On The Internet
  2. GIFS, GIFS, More GIFS
  3. Are You Memeing Me?
  4. My Sims Obsession- I mean Passion
  5. VOGUE
  6. Build An Outfit
  7. Mid-Semester Recap
  8. My Domain Name
  9. Website Set Up
  10. Website Customization

I am extremely grateful for the opportunities this class has provided me. It’s been an enriching experience, broadening my mind and cultivating a true interest in the subject. I am grateful for the knowledge, abilities, and perspectives I have learned, which will have a long-term impact on my personal life. I hope everyone enjoys their summer break!

time to chill
time to chill



Website Customization

link in bio
click to visit my website!

Who would’ve thought that customizing a website would take such a long time? I was playing around in the themes section because I didn’t know what I wanted my website to look like. Even after watching the Professor’s recording, I was still kind of confused. I was looking through the theme templates and it didn’t look similar to any other theme templates I’ve seen before.

theme templates
going through the theme templates

After some thinking, I decided to go with a minimalistic approach. I was able to figure out what I was doing and got to it. The colors were on the beige/nude side. I didn’t want to do anything too crazy so I was simple with it. After I got the color scheme together I added some pictures to make the front page look more aesthetically pleasing. And I loved how it turned out. Each picture represents what I’m going to post on my blog. So the headphones are about music, the computer is about gaming, and the bag of books is about the books I’m reading.

front page of my website
front page of my website

I even included a little quote that I find very nice. Because I’ve very overwhelmed with finals right now I’m not able to focus on posting blogs as of now. But I did post my first blog about coming back to play the Sims after a long while and finding comfort.

first blog post on my website
first blog post on my website

Had to keep this blog post short because I’m rushing to finish last-minute work. But I hope to post more on my website in the future!

Website Set Up

Welcome to my website
Welcome to my website

Thanks to Jour’s quick blog post tutorial, Ilvea’s help in class, and Professor Ryan’s video explaining what to do, I was able to set up my website easy-peasy with Reclaim Hosting.

As of now, my website is blank now with no customizations but I plan on treating it like a public journal. I’m not going to post anything personal on there but just blog about things that I’ve done throughout the day or the week and even some of my personal interests. I’ll also recommend and share some things.

Since I’m currently writing this blog post in school the website is blocked so I’m not able to fully customize it or do anything yet. But once I get home I will do some exploring and play around with it a bit. I’m very excited!

scrolling through websites
scrolling through websites

My Domain Name

Hello, my domain name is
Hello, my domain name is

So, we’re picking our domain names I see. I only had two in mind but I’ve been brainstorming over spring break. The two I had in mind were:

    1. trxnax
    2. tr3na3

Trxnax was the name I came up with for all my sims related social media accounts. It’s a unique name that I love so much. However, I did not choose that name due to the fact that it’s related to something outside of my class time. Yes, in my past blogs, I mention Sims and my Sims profiles a lot. But I don’t want to name a “school” related project after a hobby I do outside school.

So instead, I went with tr3na3. My name is Trenae and I replaced the E’s in my name with 3’s because a 3 looks like a backwards E. I got this idea from an old gaming website I used to play on called Poptropica. It’s a website where you can travel to islands and play problem-solving stories. I thought back to this one island I played where the in-game character had a note on her desk and it said something along the line of “to make a strong password you should replace some of the letters with numbers”. Which is where I got my inspiration from.

I got my name!
I got my name!

Mid-Semester Recap

What do you mean it's only the middle of the semester?
What do you mean it’s only the middle of the semester?

Assignment #7 – The Mid-Semester Reflection 

This college schedule is still all new to me. I can’t believe it’s already the middle of the semester. I can’t believe spring break is already here. And I can’t believe the semester ends in like two months. Having CT101 only once a week also made the class go by way more quicker. But I’ve enjoyed CT101 a lot. It’s a fun class and Professor Ryan is an amazing professor. Thanks to this class I have more confidence in sharing things I love to create. I don’t know why but I always thought I’d be embarrassed if people, other than my friends, would know what I do on my own time. But now I have no care in the world and I love sharing what I create. 

I admit I already knew a few things before entering this class. I already knew about GIFs and editing pictures and videos. But one thing this class did introduce me to is new websites and how to use these websites. Photopea, Removebg, and I can’t afford Photoshop so of course Photopea is the next best thing. I had fun with Photopea when I did the DS106 assignment. And removebg is now my go-to website when I need the background removed from my picture. I can use to make fun messy collages because why not. The possibilities are endless with all these new websites. AND THEY ARE ALL FREE.


I believe the real thing I learned from this class is how to be a proper “blogger”. I mean, I’m not officially a blogger but I’ve learned how to make my post more captivating and interesting. Like how we’re told to always add a picture or a GIF at the start of our post. You can think of it as a hook in the introduction of an essay. It’s supposed to grab the reader’s attention from the start. The GIFs and memes added throughout the blog help the reader stay interested. I’m not good at writing hooks in my essays to keep the readers interested but I am good at adding fun GIFs in my blog.

Many things I learned in this in this class are things that I knew or had knowledge of already. The reason why I took this class was to see if I’d enjoy communications as a major. This class gave me a great first impression of communications but I’m still not sure about it yet.

fascinating blog. fascinating major.
fascinating blog. fascinating major.

I believe I deserve AT LEAST a B…maybe even a B-. I’d admit that I’m usually behind on some assignments. While I am glad that Professor Ryan is very lenient on when blogs are supposed to be posted. But in my personal experience, It’s kind of easy to fall behind. Especially since my other classes are not lenient at all and give a lot of work. Which is why many of my blogs were posted late. I did have a couple of missing assignments but thanks to my long weekends I’m able to catch up.

However, I’m so focused on writing the blog posts that I forget to comment on my classmates’ posts. I also forget to respond. That’s something I need to catch up on. But I get into this mode when I’m working on my post like nothing else matters but finishing my blog post. I also don’t participate during class time. This is mostly due to me being introverted and kind of shy. I told myself that I wasn’t going to miss any days during this semester but I ended up catching a cold for a week and missed a couple of days. So that streak ended. But thanks to the recordings I’m able to look back at what I missed. 

South Park meme
South Park meme

I’ve very proud of the improvement I have made in the past 7 weeks. When I was up late at night working on assignment 6 I got sidetracked and started to look at my previous blog posts. I didn’t realize how short my first blog post was but it also shows how far I’d come with my writing. My first couple of posts was just me testing the waters and doing the bare minimum of what I was supposed to do. But after the assignment where I had to talk about my passion, that’s when things started to take a turn for the better. 

When I started the “What’s Your Passion” assignment I saw this as a way to express something that I love. And thanks to this assignment I now draft all my blog posts in google docs. I went crazy in google docs, just nonstop writing. That post has the most words out of all my blog posts. 1,153 words I believe. My first blog post barely made it to 200 LOL. But I had a lot of fun working on that post and that motivated me to work hard on all my future assignments. 

motivated to write
motivated to write

This is also why I never went back to update my older blog posts. Sorry Professor, I have to get this one off my chest. When I would receive comments under a post I would acknowledge them and take them in. But I never went back to edit my post. Why, you ask. It’s because in the future I wanted to see how much I’ve improved. I would take the advice I receive and apply it to my future assignments so I won’t make that same mistake again. I look back on my old assignment and go “Wow, I actually made decent improvement since week 1”. 

Here are all my previous blogs in order starting at week 1 to week 6:

1. Happy On The Internet


3. Are You Memeing Me?

4. My Sims Obsession- I mean Passion


6. Build An Outfit

Over the duration of this semester, my blogging abilities have significantly improved. I can keep becoming better and determine whether communications is the right major for me by continuing to practice and improve my skills. 


Build an Outfit

Clip from the movie "Clueless"
Clip from the movie “Clueless”

Let’s Digitally Build an Outfit!

I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a tiny ounce of interest in fashion, especially as a teenager. It is very exciting yet overwhelming when trying to figure out my clothing style. There are so many trends and styles to choose from but I never know which one fits me the best. Doing a little exploration and experimenting is important, which is what I’m still doing now. But one day I’ll figure out what is best for me.

Knowing your style is one thing but knowing how to put outfits together is another. Luckily I had experience with this back in 2016-2017. There was this site called Polyvore where people were able to create image collages and share them with others. It also included lots of pictures of clothing, home decorations, and beauty product so you didn’t have to search on other websites. I used this site to create outfits for fun and also utilized it when I made short stories and needed outfit ideas for my characters. Sadly, another brand bought the site and so Polyvore was shut down. 

Luckily, my account was connected to my Pinterest account so any collage I posted on the Polyvore website was also posted on my Pinterest. Here’s something I made back in December 2017:

Polyvore - Outfit Collage
Outfit collage made in Polyvore

So for this assignment, I instantly thought back to my Polyvore days and decide to build some outfits. I searched up and down and all around on Pinterest for pieces that I liked. And the idea is to choose one piece of clothing and think about all the outfits to make with that one piece. It’s better to avoid searching for full-on outfits due to the lack of versatility. This is how you end up with a full closet of clothes but with the mindset of “I have nothing to wear”. I am very guilty of this.

Lizzie Mcguire
Lizzie Mcguire has a lot of clothes but nothing to wear

After I found pieces I liked I saved them to my desktop and opened them in Figma. At first, I didn’t know how to incorporate Figma in my assignment but then it started to remind me of a drawing board. Something you use to write out plans and ideas. So, I used Figma to showcase all the pictures that I had downloaded and it made it easier for me to pick out what pieces of clothing I want to make an outfit.

Messy Outfit Collage/Showcase
(Click the image for a better view) Messy Outfit Collage/Showcase in Figma

And I also want to thank Professor Ryan for providing us with removebg because I’ve been searching up and down for a good background eraser for so long. This is THE best background remover ever! You simply upload your picture and it’ll automatically erase. I used removebg to remove the background from the clothing pictures to make putting the collages together more “aesthetic”. And I’m paying homage to my Polyvore days of course. I then opened all these pictures in and created mini clothing collages. This website was much better to use. Pretty simple and I had more control over creating my space. Here are the four outfits I was able to create using the many pieces I downloaded:

Outfit collage made in
(Click the image to take you to my Outfit collages

Which outfit would you wear? Or which outfit do you like the most?  Personally, I love outfit (A). It seems like a simple and cute outfit. The sneakers and the long jean skirt are my favorite pieces actually. My second favorite would be (B) solely because of the red jacket. It reminds me of a racer or a biker jacket which I love so much.

Bunch of cool bikers
Bunch of cool bikers

I’ve always had some type of connection with fashion. I know it might not look like it…listen y’all I have a decent style of clothing, I’m just broke LOL. But I grew up playing fashion games and putting outfits together like I was an actual stylist. You know what, after this blog post I will be playing the old Bratz fashion games just because. Even in The Sims 4, I’m mostly creating and dressing up these sims for fun (Sneaking sims in one way or another). 

Putting on outfits combines creativity and self-expression which is something I love. It helps you to play around with various outfits, colors, and patterns to develop a unique appearance that accurately captures your personality. Putting together an outfit may be enjoyable and fulfilling, whether you’re preparing for a special occasion or just for everyday use. So go ahead and use your wardrobe to express who you are while having fun!

Everyone dresses beautifully
Everyone dresses beautifully


DS106 Website
The DS106 website has many assignments that can help inspire and challenge your creativity.


I searched through the design assignments, and I chose the “Vogue Challenge”. Vogue, not to be confused with voguing, is a magazine that covers various topics, including Haute fashion, beauty, culture, living, and runway.

It’s a pretty simple and easy assignment but I wanted a reason to edit a picture of the recent sim I made. You know I always need to implement sims in my posts one way or another.

Kim Kardashian Vogue Magazine
Giphy – Kim Kardashian Vogue Magazine

The programs I used to edit were GIMP and Photopea. Both of these programs are free alternatives to photoshop. Photopea is online so you can access it on the web but GIMP you have to download it on your computer.

Here are the steps I did to complete the Vogue assignment.

Step 1: I opened my picture in gimp. You can easily drag and drop your picture or you can hover your mouse over “File” and either click “New” or “Open”.

picture opened in gimp
The Sim’s (Jade) picture is open in GIMP

Step 2: I pressed the text tool in the top left and typed the word “Vogue” across the top of my picture. (One thing I like about GIMP is that you don’t have to add a new layer when you add text. It’ll automatically become its own layer once you start typing).

Text tool
Text Tool in GIMP
Image in GIMP
Image edited in GIMP

The assignment could have been done here because it only asked to put the word “Vogue” across the picture and that’s it. But I decided to be extra and copy an actual Vogue Magazine.

Edited picture in GIMP
Edited Picture in GIMP

Step 3: I then exported the picture to my desktop and opened it in Photopea so I could add a paper textured overlay.

Picture Opened in Photopea
Picture Opened in Photopea
Paper Textured Overlay Unedited.
Paper Textured Overlay Unedited.

Here’s a quick video I watch on how to resize an image in Photopea. I was lowkey kind of lost LOL.

Step 4: I edited the Paper Textured overly by going to the Layers tab, changing “Normal” to “Screen”, and turning down the opacity to 40%.

Editing in Photopea
Editing in Photopea
Step 5: I exported the picture to my desktop and I’m done. Here’s the final picture.
Vogue Magazine
Fully Edited Vogue Picture

I find editing pictures very fun but in the beginning, I never liked how they turned out because I always end up comparing my edits to another professional edit. I used to think I couldn’t achieve and execute that level of high professional editing. Especially when the majority of editors use expensive programs such as Adobe.

But I realized I had to stop being hard on myself and have fun. Also, practice means perfect. You don’t need expensive programs to edit pictures, there are lots of free programs out there to help. You just need PRACTICE.

DS106 - Coding Assignment
DS106 – Coding Assignment
Now what I want to learn is coding. I would love to do this coding assignment but I don’t know a thing about coding. Anything coding related is very intimidating to me. All the words, numbers, commas, semicolons, parentheses, etc. It’s just all confusing to me. I remember I had a computer science class as an elective in High School but this was over quartine so finding the motivation to actually care about the class was hard. However, it was a nice introduction to coding and whatnot.
Many people say having the skill to code gives you a better opportunity at landing a good job, which was my main reason for wanting to get into coding. But then I did some self-evaluating and realized I didn’t want to put unnecessary stress on myself. So, computer science was NOT seeing me in college.
Coding is confusing
Coding is confusing

I want to learn simple coding for my own benefit. That “benefit” is, making a cute theme for my Tumblr. I like making things aesthetically pleasing so making my blog aesthetic will make me happy. But I know coding takes A LOT of practice. And I am NOT willing to learn. I’d rather be stress-free.

Smashing Computer
Smashing the computer when a code doesn’t work
Coding might not be a necessary skill I need in my life but knowing how to edit is. I like taking screenshots in sims and I like replicating photos using my sims. So knowing how to edit will help me. Replicating a magazine cover was a lot of fun. And I can share it with others and maybe even inspire them.
Inspire others!

My Sims Obsessi- I mean Passion

My Passion for Play The Sims 4

If you’ve read some of my blog posts then you’d know that I often mention sims, A LOT. The Sims 4 is a simulation video game where you can build, create characters and play in an interactive environment. I love The Sims because it allows you to use your characters to tell stories in a creative way. You can make your Sims perform any action, such as building an entirely new home from scratch or falling in love. Also, the game offers a large range of customization options, including clothing, furniture, and hairstyles. Some of the game packs add a lot more items and even a storyline for better gameplay. Anyone interested in simulation games should definitely try out The Sims 4, which is a ton of fun.

The first time I played The Sims was when I was in elementary and I had the mobile version, The Sims FreePlay on my tablet. This started my obsession with simulation games. I just enjoyed the free range I had with making characters and building. The building was my favorite part at the time. 

Then the first time I ever played the sims on a PC was around the time I was 10-11. My mom went to visit her friends and brought me along and she gave me permission to use the computer. And she had The Sims 3. I didn’t really remember what happened but I do know I was playing it a little bit. Just an innocent child having fun.

The Sims 4 came out in 2014 but I was late to the game. 2016 was when I begged my mom to get The Sims 4 for me so I could play it on my laptop. At the time I didn’t know about how The Sims go on sale for $5 sometimes so we ended up spending $40. Crazy I know, but the game is now free for anyone who wants it. When I finally got it I was ecstatic. But then…I realized I didn’t have enough storage on my laptop to officially download it. So the receipt sat in my email for years collecting dust.

2020 rolls around, lockdown starts, everyone is online, and TikTok gets more popular. Once everyone went on lockdown schools had to switch to online classes. Also, I started to see a lot of sim-related content on TikTok and even my friend was telling me about she would play the sims. So that got me thinking, the old computer didn’t have enough storage to download The Sims and we needed an electronic device for class…do you see where I’m going with this. I asked my dad for a new laptop and said it was for school. I know I know that was kinda bad but let’s face it…the old laptop was on its last leg.

I had gotten a way better laptop that had about 200 GB of storage. For me that’s a lot, the last laptop didn’t even touch 100. So, I quickly went back to my email so I could finally download the game (I had it starred just in case). I opened the game and went to create a sim, if I remember correctly I named her after me. I did make her a boyfriend and they got married and had a son. I didn’t have any game packs at the time so I had to make do with what I had. Kicking my feet while playing the sims.

But later on, my friend told me how she played her game with games mods and custom content. Custom Content (CC) is fan-made or player-made clothing and objects added to the game. From clothing to hairstyles and accessories to even build items. And games mods are additional features to your game and can enhance gameplay. I went down a major rabbit hole of watching simmer YouTubers and learning how to make the game more fun and enjoyable.

So I went crazy and downloaded a lot of custom content and mods for my game AND I had the storage for it which makes it much better. Because of the custom content I downloaded, I also became more interested in making sims than doing gameplay. Even though creating a sim is still considered “playing the game”, I would never place them in the world I would just save them and exit the game.

This essential sparked something else in me. If I’m not going to play with these sims why not share it with others? I decided to make a Tumblr and join the sims community on there. They call it “simblr” it’s a cute name. But I started to post sim lookbooks and reblog other sim posts and officially became a part of the sims community. But I didn’t stop there, because of all the sim Youtubers I would watch I got influenced to start my own youtube channel on January 13, 2021. Started a bit slow at first but I eventually had my own schedule. And I started to post my own 6-minute sim videos every Tuesday and Thursday. Shameless plug sorry 🙂

I had a lot of time to post videos because I was still doing online classes for my entire junior year in high school. I did go back for my senior year but I graduated early in January 2022. So, I basically had all the time in the world before I started college.

And then a sad day came…on September 15, 2022, my laptop broke. It snapped in half… like the screen and keyboard SEPARATED. Very sad day because I also had a test to do and the only way to access it was on a computer. But my friend luckily gave me her old mac. 

I had lost all my sim saves and mods so I had to restart. And in my opinion, macs aren’t that good for gaming. But I had no choice. So, posting on youtube was paused and I was bummed because the sims ran so slowly on the mac. I just stopped playing it for a while.

BUT THEN…on September 26…my uncle came through and blessed me with his PC. The PC is a literal beast, I could probably download over 100 games and they’ll all run smoothly. But of course, I downloaded The Sims 4 and that’s the ONLY game I’ll be playing. I have way more storage than before so of course I download tons of mods and the game still runs smooth like butter. Here’s a picture:

I was also able to post on youtube again. But since I have better equipment (I begged my mom to buy me a mic) I wanted to get into actual gameplay and play a storyline. My creative juices were running. So, I did. And here we are now, still obsessed with The Sims and sharing it with others on different platforms. 

I have over 1000 hours on that game…it’s bad. But anyways hope you enjoyed my long story and till the next assignment.

Are You Memeing Me?

Cartoon gif. Batman from the old cartoon rubs his chin and squints his eyes as he thinks hard.

Are Internet Memes Art?

Memes are big in internet culture. It’s a good way for people to interact and communicate online. With the rise of online communities and social media platforms in the early 2000s, the current concept of internet memes began to evolve. Memes were mostly text-based in the early days of the internet, and they frequently took the form of inside jokes or running gags inside certain online communities.

Talk To Me Hello GIF by Stephen Maurice Graham

If you’ve been on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram then it’s very likely that you’ve seen a meme before. Reddit is another huge place for memes but Reddit can also get pretty toxic so I’m not on there as often. Nowadays you don’t even need to be on social media to see memes. A friend or family member probably sent you one before through messages.

If a banana taped to a wall is considered art why can’t memes be considered art? Art can be used to express one’s creativity and imagination, transmit ideas and feelings, and provide an aesthetic perspective. Memes often use creative aspects such as visuals, language, and comedy to convey a message or idea, which can be interpreted as artistic expression. Some memes are also purposefully created to be visually appealing or thought-provoking. You could also compare memes to Pop Art. Pop Art uses a lot of inspiration from the internet pop culture which is something memes do as well (spokenvision).

I believe memes are good for art AND communicating…depending on your intent behind them. According to Forbes, memes can help you express ideas in the most simple way. The most common meme is an image or photo with a funny or sarcastic remark written across it so it’s not that hard to understand. Just look at this:

…working on assignment #4 AS WE SPEAK.

People say memes can tell stories, but, have you heard of someone teaching something with memes? I found this video of a guy teaching English with memes. And I feel this is a smart way to educate people because people love memes.

Speaking of memes here are some of my favorite memes.

This is an ICONIC meme. This is also probably one of the first memes I’ve seen on the internet. Kind of reminds me of the vine days. Now that I think about it, Vine was another platform that introduced making funny short videos that were turned into memes. So sad it got shut down.

Bernie dropped the hardest picture and didn’t even notice. After this photo was released many memes were made and shared across so many platforms. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook? You couldn’t escape it.

I love sending SpongeBob memes to my friends. I wonder how SpongeBob would feel if he knew how famous he is in meme culture. I remember seeing a post on Twitter saying something along the lines of “no matter what you search for in gifs, SpongeBob is always going to pop up”. Sadly, can’t find the original tweet but it is true. There’s a Spongebob picture for everything.
But that’s all for now. Going to go work on the next assignment…Hope I didn’t forget to link anything.


Don’t mind me, just struggling to figure out my major…as always. Originally I had a psych class but the night before school started I dropped it and replaced it with this Communications class. “Why Communications?” You may ask. Well, I’ve seen many people (literally one person in a random youtube video comment section) say that they went into communications because they didn’t know what to major in. So I thought “well why not”.

At first, I was nervous because you know who’s not nervous about the first day of your new class? But once I entered class my nerves slowly went away. Being in the computer room, surrounded by good people, and a good professor made this class a lot more enjoyable. Professor Ryan kinda gives off Sikowitz vibes and not Sikowitz’s odd side but his creative side. Which is how I knew I was going to enjoy this class. Please don’t see this as a diss professor, I mean this in a good way!

Although I was nervous on the outside, on the inside I was excited. First of all the name itself, “Digital Storytelling” caught my eye instantly. I love going digital and I love storytelling. It’s a match made in heaven honestly. Also, after reading the class description I figured this was way up my alley. Having to design and build an online identity is something I do often. Some examples are, I share my sim pictures on Tumblr and I used to post video edits on Instagram. So knowing that I’ll be creating and sharing things digitally made me excited.

The creativity that is put into this class makes this my favorite class out of all of them. Of course, English class needs some type of creativity but writing essays back to back makes me burnt out after a while. Now I don’t have any creative ideas left. I’m also very limited in what I can do in English class. But in CT101 I can write AND link things in a blog post. I don’t have to bore myself with writing when I can also include gifs and link videos which makes my writing more fun.

This class has limitless potential in terms of creativity. We can explore the potential for producing art, multimedia projects, and more through this course. Like how we were supposed to make out own gif and include it in this blog post. I never made my own gif before but this is my first ever gif. It’s in honor of one of my favorite twitch streamers finally getting unbanned, BruceDropEmOff. I made it using imgur since all the other gifs I used were from giphy. It took me a while to learn how to use imgur and how to make gifs on there but I got it. Giphy is easier to use in my opinion.

Speaking of learning about gifs, learning new abilities that make use of internet resources is thrilling. There are constantly new tools and approaches to learn and explore due to the internet’s ever-evolving technology. I explored the history of gifs and did you know that the first color picture online was a gif (Smithsonian)? No? Me neither! But it’s fun to learn random internet facts when you’re always on the internet. 

The internet is a fantastic resource for learning new things and expanding one’s knowledge base. Gifs are merely one of the many ways you may express yourself and produce something original. The options are unlimited with so many tools and resources. So let’s get to gif-ing!


Happy on the Internet

This week I’ve been taking in a lot of sim content (as always) because I absolutely love The Sims. Recently I’ve been catching up on one of my favorite sim series “lovesick” by oshinsims

I’ve also found one of my favorite celebs aka Keke Palmer plays The Sims 4 and she also started streaming on twitch. I love Keke, I love The Sims, and I love using Twitch so it’s like worlds are colliding.

Speaking of twitch one of my favorite streamers, Kai Cenat is doing a subathon on twitch and is streaming for 30 days straight. I believe he’s on day 13. I don’t watch the whole stream, but I pop in once in a while to see what’s going on.

That’s really all I’ve been up to this past week