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Heidi Klum Wow GIF by Lifetime

It’s almost October already! I honestly can’t believe it. Where did the weeks go?

Hurry Up Countdown GIF by Escape Hunt UK

Yesterday was summer, now it’s Fall? I don’t even know what that means. Today it’s cold, tomorrow it’s hot, then next week it’s raining. Why can’t New York make up its mind!?

weather whats GIF

Anyways, let me move on. GIFs are a huge deal, especially in the modern-day dispensation of the internet. It was developed by Steve Wilhite and his team and released in 1987.

YES, 1987.

You And Me Rihanna Sticker by Minos EMI - A Universal Music Company

We have some awesome sites like Giphy and Imgur which are arguably the two best platforms for GIFs on the internet. I rather Giphy because the interface and user experience are better. Also, it looks more modern. Imgur doesn’t. It looks boring.

Spongebob Squarepants GIF

Giphy has awesome features like the reactions menu and the ease of creating your own gif. They walk you through it step by step.

Going Up You Can Do It GIF by Scratch Garden

In regards to this class, CT101, I love it here. The first day was everything. It matched my expectations. Not boring, but engaging. I also met an awesome Professor, Ryan Seslow . Let me feature one of his GIFs below.

data GIF by Ryan Seslow

I love how the course is structured, and how it fosters a creative mindset. Hearing about the course made me feel

Happy Feliz GIF

I guess you can call it happy 🤷 … When you compare this class to my other classes, you can say it’s way better. Let me put it in a simpler way.

My other classes:

I Am Trash GIF by PBS Digital Studios

This class:

Happy Dance GIF by foodieg

This class will help with being more creative in any endeavor. Learning how to blog, make gifs, tell stories, and so much more is great. It proves that creativity is an art and is unique. We just need to embrace our creative being.

Art Fun GIF by Geo Law

I feel really…

season 5 GIF

I feel good because I will learn a lot of internet tools to help me to perfect my craft. What is my craft? I don’t know yet, but learning more will help me to find it pretty soon. It’s somewhere over the rainbow.

somewhere over the rainbow singing GIF

I just needed a reason to post that gif but learning new skills will help me to find my passion. I’m excited about what is to come in this class. Also, I’m looking forward to passing (Please read this twice Prof Seslow).

Hungry Back To School GIF by Papa John’s

An A+ but a pizza won’t hurt either.


GIFs have allowed me to expand my thinking. It’s no longer about just conveying an idea by writing it, now, I’m able to express it in various different ways. See my process of making a GIF:

  1. Find and record a video

2. Go to

3. Log In

4. Upload the clip of the video from the camera roll

5. Trim the video

6. Watch the GIF in action. Mine is Bolt winning!

Animated GIF


Bye Bye Peace GIF by Cappa Video Productions

3 thoughts on “GIFs, school and more GIFs”

  1. Excellent work!
    Really fun array of GIFS and supporting info!
    Thank you!
    Now tell us a lil’ story about “how” you got turned onto GIF? Is there a reflection that comes to mind?Hmmm, lets expand our narratives one step further!
    Yes! 🙂

    Thank you for the Shout Out here!

  2. Your post made me literally laugh specifically when you described your other classes as the “garbage” gif and then this class as the “dancing” gif. So, overall I loved your post and I’m really looking forward to seeing what your craft is in the future and wishing you the best of luck in your endeavors.

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