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Internet Internet Internet…

I think everyone in this pandemic had a great friendship with the Internet, I know you used it for many hours a day. Personally I spend a lot of my time in this world either reading, listening to music (someone else listens to music on YouTube? Lol) watching movies or series. A couple of weeks ago I started watching a series called Prison Break.

Prison Break is a series from 2005 and it was the second series that I had seen online and I remember that I liked it a lot, but I no longer remembered what happened in the serie because I had seen it more than 10 years ago. So I wanted to watch it a second time.

Anyway, Prison Break is an American series that stars Michael Scofield. He robbed a bank on purpose to be sent to prison as his brother was in prison on death row. So his plan is to escape with his brother. His brother’s name is Lincoln Burrows (the older brother) and he allegedly killed the brother of the Vice President of the United States. Anyway, the story between the two brothers is very good and I recommend you watch it.

If you want to watch it, here is the link on Hulu AQUI

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