How I found happiness on the Internet

So I know 2020 has been one hell of a year so far, and the last place anyone would have thought to find happiness was on the internet but despite everything going on in the world our us I found happiness watching the versus battles.

The versus battles was created by Timbaland and Swizz Beatz during quarantine and as a music lover I was truly entertained. My top three faves was first Beenie Man vs Bounty Killer and this one was for the culture. As a proud dancehall lovers, my family and I were ready for this one.

Trust and Believe we could barley watch cause we were to busy dancing and sing to every single song that played.

Next, of course was my Gospel faves Kirk Franklin and Fred Hammond. If you anything like me, who spent majority of my childhood and my pre teen years in church, then you know Kirk Franklin and Fred Hammond are Gospel music legends. And I was definitely ready for this one. I think most of all this one brought me the most peace.

And lastly for every girl that was 10 years old singing their hearts out about breakups and love as if we know what we were singing about was Monica and Brandy.

Monica and Brandy was something I honestly didn’t see happening not only because they just made up after years of not speaking and also because they both made it seem as if they wouldn’t be interesting in the versus but I guess its what made this one so precious. To see them together, uplifting each other, singing their songs and each others songs was just an amazing sight to see.

Even more so I sang my heart out to the point that I was almost in tears as if I was feeling every emotion in those songs and that’s what music is all about. During a time when all I found myself feeling we negative feelings toward the world, it was great to have moments like these where you are transported to another world through so many different genres of music.

In all the versus was mine and so many others internet happiness.


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