One of the many things that have been making me happy on the internet would be the upcoming primal Groudon and Kygroue event on pokemon go. Pokemon go is a mobile game that tracks your location and allows you to catch, battle, and evolve your pokemon. I started playing pokemon go a little over a year ago and now keep up with most events and updates the game has. For me, this event has been long anticipated since they first announced late 2022.

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Another event that made my week was the new episode of the last of us airing on HBO max. The last of us was originally a game that was produced into a show. I played the last of us and was thrilled to find out there would now be weekly episodes and hopefully a second season.

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  1. Hi Genielle

    I was excited to hear someone write about “The Last of Us.”

    My fiance and I just watched the latest episode last night. I couldn’t believe the ending.
    I look forward to seeing more. Do you know if the TLoU set is computer generated? I was told it was all through a green screen.

  2. Thank you!

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  3. Hi Genielle
    I just wanted to mention the Pokemon Go part loved it I haven’t been keeping up with the recent events but I have been playing the game since it came out. If you ever wanna talk about it or need a trade for a certain pokemon we can talk about it since I have a lot.
    Also I love TloU I think they are doing such a great job with the show. The game was amazing and I can’t wait to see Ellie and Joel’s relationship develop.

  4. Hey Genielle,
    First off, Last of us is a great show as they did a good job keeping the vibe of the game intact. Although it is a little slow in parts and I wish they had more monsters in the show for more tense moments. I think there will be a second season though especially seeing how successful this season is.

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