Assignment#1: Happy Things

this week I am so much happy and so much energetic. Because after two months later I am starting to go to the gym again. The last couple of months the weather was cold and windy that’s why I did not go out for sports and other physical activities. Finally, the weather is going to become so sweetie and  I promised myself beginning of the year that I will change myself lose weight and gain some muscle.

After a couple of days later in my gym I am feeling so much more refreshed and light my self. Workout is really a good thing to improve body and mind. I think it has lots of benefits and everyone shout go to the gym.

This Gif really inspired me to gain some muscle. Whenever I see any workout-related picture or gif it really pushes me up to go to the gym and make myself according to the gif WorkoutGif

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  1. Congrats on your 1st post here!

    So far so good, but we need more content, the beauty of using a platform like WordPress is that everything can be easily updated, edited, and we can add more as we learn and go!

    To help you expand this post, please reference the class video recording from assignment #1 that is located in the assignment post prompt at the beginning of the post – go here –

    And here is my example –

    Please notice the length of the post, how I describe the things that I like on the Internet this week, and how many images / hyperlinks are displayed that give more context to the reader, it all takes practice for sure, but forward we go!

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