How a GIF/JIF can show my opinions with no spoken words!


The first day of CT 101 was a worrisome ride for me because I never heard of a Digital Storytelling class before. I thought I needed to be an expert on being a creator but have been suprised I am able to keep up. I am also happy to have a deaf professor because it gives me a new experience to learn from an expert in the field of the digital world.

When I learned about what we would be doing in CT 101 I became ecstatic. I understood all about the gif world already and how to create them on old editing video apps such as Inshot or Imovie. I felt refreshed that I could be more creative and didn’t have to follow a stone set of rules like other very stern classes.

When comparing CT 101 to my other classes I see no actual comparison in terms of fun. In this class I feel free to communicate with moving pictures there is no need for words or emotions. I can be able to find new ways to make my points fun or exciting so there not boring. While in other classes I have to investigate or do deep dives and stick to certain sources or be told I am wrong because I don’t understand something. While here I am free to express in any form I see fit.

I see so much potential in this class to be able to become a better creator. I can explore new ways to express my likes to this class in an interesting way. Plus there is always room to learn something new especially from a Professor who received more than 1.5 BILLION STREAMS.

Learning and using new internet skills has been so cool. I never knew how to hyperlink something before which is great because I can now send you directly to the link of new information. I am glad to add new internet skills to my resume of expertise because they help you to find jobs in the workforce.

That has been all of my opinions about this class. I hope they continue to be good because this is a great class.

2 thoughts on “How a GIF/JIF can show my opinions with no spoken words!”

  1. Lol! That last GIF!
    Great work on this!
    Ahh, creativity and self expression are our collective birth right! How can I not facilitate a platform for that? Im excited for our class and how it is evolving! Great selections of GIFs here, as well as a thoughtful written passages to support your sentiments.
    So much more to come!
    It gets even better!

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