I’m Having An Old Friend For Dinner (DS106 writing assignment)

There is no one I’d want to invite to dinner more than my old friend Nia, a native NY’er that now lives in Florida. Since I’m not the best cook, I would have our nice dinner catered…in other words I’d order takeout, but it would be from the best soul food restaurant in my area.  I’d order us the works…fried fish and shrimp, with all the good sides like collard greens (of course), candied yams, corn bread and mac & cheese (even though I’m lactose intolerant 😞).  I’d be so excited to see her though, I’d be willing to suffer through that cheesy goodness.😃

Soul Food- Fried fish & shrimp, collard greens, corn bread, and mac & cheese. 😃

I’d ensure we had a nice big pitcher of red drink to wash down all that soul food yumminess. 😃

Red Drink- Is it cherry flavored? Is it hibiscus tea? Who cares! It’s red & sweet! 😃

I’d be really excited to be meeting up with my old friend that I haven’t seen in several years now.

While we enjoyed our dinner we would have a great time talking about the parties we used to dance at and our old party friends we kicked it with. We would reminisce about the djs we used to prefer partying to and which ones played the better music.

Pretend us talking about parties and djs. 😃

After dinner, we would likely play some great tunes on my sound system and do our dance moves in my living room while laughing and trying to outdo each other. She is definitely the better dancer since she used to dance professionally. I’m really tall and stocky so my moves aren’t as funky as hers but every now and then I’ll do something that’ll make her crack up and then she’ll do a funky move that’ll make me crack up. 😃

Us doing our funky dance moves…having fun! 😃

We would end the night probably watching one of our favorite movies about partying in NYC and talking about how much we can’t wait until the pandemic is over so we can start partying again. 😃

An idea of the music we party to and how we dance…pre-pandemic memories! 😃

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