Internet Happiness

I love watching clips of my favorite shows on the internet. Regular show is definitely one of my favorite cartoon series. Each episode is so random but they find a way to link them all together. This is a Gif where muscle man get thrashed from a game boss who came out of a television set. I find it very amusing when you can extract the funniest clips from your favorite shows.

Here is a short clip where the two main characters from Regular Show knocks their boss Benson unconscious and he wakes up in a hot sauce drinking competition. Now Benson has to deink the Mississippi Queen to impress a girl he likes. Just imagine experiencing a situation like this with your boss, it probably wont ever happen. That is why I enjoy pulling pieces from this series.

If you ever work in an office where you know everyone this is the show to watch, its called the office. Here is a Gif of Michael Scott not doing his work as usual. I currently work in an office and there are some very slow days where I just bang on my mug all day. When work is slow at my office we usually send Gifs like these to get a couple laughs.

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