Hi guys, it feels like we were just learning how to create memes and Gifs. I had a great time and I wanted to share everything that I have learned from CT101 and my classmates.
First assignment

The first assignment was like an open world video game, where we were given the choice to express ourselves to the fullest regarding what makes us happy on the internet. I have a few references from “Regular show” and “The office” because I love to watch videos on the internet. Check out my first blog post . I had a lot of fun creating my first blog post because I was not sure what to expect from this class.

Assignment #2

After we went through our syllabus, I definitely had a duh moment. I thought this class was going to be very technical because I read that we had to create a website. In actuality, this class was meant to teach us how to properly create a website while creatively using the proper tools to enhance the details of our website. Check out my duh moment at


Memes are art

The “are memes art” was my favorite assignment because I was able to create my first 10 memes that really let me express my personality. I never thought of memes as art but after CT101 my perspective has changed.

My first collage

This assignment was pretty cool because we had the choice to pick a project and complete the project while sharing our process. I have never created a bucket list collage before but with the Befunky website. I was able to put my collage together. I will definitely be using this website to create collages of my future travels.

Here are a few domain names I came up with for my website. Junkorjuiced, gear2gear,speedstars, rockyowhip, flipthewhip, sharegear, feedmyspeed, gasforbrass,speedspectech,speedsweatech. I learned how to embed videos about what my website was about, which was very helpful when sharing the contents of my potential website.

Finally my website was up

After following the instructions , I was able to create my website .

First website blog

I shared my website with my friends and family and they all left some comments on my first website post. I have a couple friends who love cars so it was cool to get their opinion on what I have accomplished so far.

Classmate websites

After visiting some of my classmates websites, I decided that I will be adding short stories on my website. It was good to see that my website layout was different than my classmates. I was also able to learn about the content my classmates were sharing, which was pretty interesting. My content was completely different and they did not have any competition content on their websites like I did.


Our last post was about copyright.  I learned a lot about how others may not see your alterations as enough changes from an original idea. As a new creator of a website it is important that I follow the guidelines of fair use. By ensuring that my website does not get any financial gains or increase my likeness by using someone else’s work, I should be fine. At the same time, I will not limit my creativity because there are no real original ideas. Everyone has an idea that stems from someone else and we all have protection against those who chose to steal the work of others for personal gain.

Here is the home page of my website. I created this website to talk about cars and host friendly battles based on which car the viewer likes better. In my week one battle , the Honda Type R had more likes than the Subaru STI, based on the comments. In the second week , I have the Nissan 400z as the first battle car and people seem to be excited about it. I am waiting to see who my viewers will pick as the Nissan 400z rival. One of the hardest things about creating my website was creating the layout because I want it to be more informative. I also want my viewers to have access to adding their own pictures to the website. I am not happy with the current layout and will work on it over the summer because I want to keep my website up. I love talking about cars and this is a great way to connect to other car enthusiast.

Overall I think I deserve an A-. I created a total of 14 posts and I got to accomplish the goals of my website, which was to conduct a car battle and have information about exotic cars displayed. I feel like I should have commented on my classmates posts which would have helped me with more of my classmates browsing and commenting on my website. As my final post I feel like I have learned a lot from this class and I will continue to build my website until it is to my liking.


Fair Use

I agree with Andy Baio’s regarding his statement that “everything is a remix”. When you take a look a culture and ideas that are created throughout the years, everything was inspired by something already created or something that is lacking or missing a component to bring an idea to the next level. I also agree with his statement that “the idea of the lone artist or inventor struck by lightning is a myth”.  I support his claims because I always thought to myself, where do people come up with some of the crazy but essential ideas. When you look back at a lot of so-call original ideas, you find out that they stem from someone else’s work or short comings.

Here some similarities between Flash Gordan vs Star Wars

Richard Prince stated “When I first showed the Canal Zone Paintings I thought they were cool”. I find when I create something that I also find to be cool, it is done without the intent of financial gain. Self express is conveyed through art. We as the artist should not be limited because we are using someone else’s work as a guild to a new creation. How can some else try to justify that a alteration to an original piece is not altered enough to be considered different from the original piece? If I returned a leased car with an altered exhaust pipe, it is no longer considered a factor car because of one alteration.    
Copyright was created to protect the original work of an author. In the era of technology, people often use the work of others to communicate with society. The use of someone else’s work can be confusing to others. I think we as a society need to have a clear concise way of differentiating between inappropriate use and expressive use of other people’s work. Like I said no original work is truly original. 

My Classmate’s Websites

The first website I checked out was because I am a big anime fan and Castlevania was a great short story anime on Netflix. I like how the website gives you insight on various shows that a star rating system cannot give you. Season four for Castlevanina was recently released and I think that giving a small amount of controversial information about different seasons would generate some interesting comments.

The second website that caught my eye was   due the the mystery of the topic. I was always interested in astronomy. I think this website has the potential to gravitate toward an audience who is looking to find out more about the universe and share what they already know. I also find website about extraterrestrial life form a fun and creative topic. 
The last website that I cam across was . I personally did not find this website interesting but my wife loved it. She read all the short stories and hopes that there are more to come. She also added that the short stories could have some images added to bring visualization to the stories but she still likes how simple and user-friendly the website is.

My First Website Post

Hi guys, I would like to welcome you to my website to see my first post, please tell me what your thoughts are . I had my first post up on 4/13/21 and I was so excited to share my creativity on the internet.
I will be creating some upcoming car battles, if you have any specific car that you would like to see in am upcoming battle please comment under my introduction post.

The Nissan 400z has been picked for week two. Please leave a comment for the rival car

Using My Website

My website is all about cars and I think that people who enjoy what makes a car special will appreciate my website
The goals for my website includes the following: Car specifications, Car technology updates, Rating battles between cars, Car history and Custom models

Here are some fun racing clips


Time to put the rubber to the road and get this website rolling.

The Mid-Semester Assessment Post

The Mid-Semester Assessment

This past 6.5 weeks in CT101 has been a great learning experience. I have learned so much in such a short time. I think embedding a video and hyperlinking were two great things that I learned. It is not overly complicated but it was good to learn how to express myself by putting videos and hyperlinking word in my blogs.

Post #1  was about me expressing myself and the happiness that the internet brings to my life. I posted a video and some Gifs that showed people a little bit about my sense of humor.

Post #2 allowed me to talk about my major in school and reason for taking this class. I was also given the opportunity to create my own Gif which described how I felt about CT101.

Post #3 was about the art of memes. I began this post by searching up the history and origins of memes. Memes help people express their creative sides, it also allows us to relate to one another. What I like best about memes is the ability to relay your messages in a clear and concise manner.

Post #4 allowed me to choose an assignment and replicate its outcome. I chose to do a collage which was a combination of my bucket list ideas through images. I also had to insert a caption in each image to tell the reader what my bucket list goal is.

Post #5 was the most interesting because it allowed me to choose my domain name and talk about what my website will be about. I inserted a screen shot of my favorite car website and place a couple hyperlinks for car websites I visit often. I enjoyed doing this post the most because I got to talk about cars and it is the first step before we start creating our website.

How am I doing in CT101? What grade do I believe I am maintaining? 

I feel like I am improving in every new post I create. I think I am currently maintaining a B grade in the class because I still have to go back to my post and add some more content to them. Since I learned new things in post 5, that means that I can improve on my earlier posts.

What have I learned the most? What is my greatest learned asset in this class so far?

In my opinion, I have learned how navigate online generators to create Memes and Gifs the most. My greatest asset I learned in this class so far has to be hyperlinking and embedding videos. Although they are simple tasks, not everyone knows how to embed videos or create hyperlinks.

What skills have I developed , cultivated and displayed regularly in my posts?

I have developed the ability to create a chronological flow in all my post. I have also been able to combine memes, gifs, videos and hyperlinks in all my posts.

How do I assess my performance through self-reflection in this class?

I think the best way for me to assess my performance through self-reflection is to read the comments that people post on my blogs and make adjustments if needed. I also feel like if I comment on other people’s post it will give me a different perspective on how I view my own post.

What do I know now that I did not know before taking this class?

Before this class I did not know how to create a meme, gif or hyperlink words.

Do I see my weekly blogging work expanding creatively? If so, please explain –  or am I stuck in a loop where my posts seem to look the same most of the time, how will I change that?

I see my blogs flourishing as I advance in my blogs. For example in Post # 4 I was able to combine the meme generator with the collage generator to create my collage project. I feel like the more I learn the more creative my posts become. I cannot wait to learn more and add them to my future and previous posts. If my posts are stuck in a loop I will seek out new types of generators or be more creative with the subject of my posts.

Domain Names

I never thought of a domain name as a child before but now I see that the name of a domain gives it meaning.

I think my website will be about cars because I have always been a huge gear head. My dad has been a mechanic for over 30 years and I would love to compare specifications and the body styles of different cars. I will also like my website to show people how to find exotic cars for cheap.

Motor trend is definitely one of my favorite websites to visit.

You just have to love the Mazda rx7 rotary engine or the Toyota supra twin turbo.

Cars are all about top speed and 0-60. Another favorite website that I love to visit is Top Gear.

Here is a list of a few domain names that popped up in my head.

Junkorjuiced, gear2gear,speedstars, rockyowhip, flipthewhip, sharegear, feedmyspeed, gasforbrass,speedspectech,speedsweatech



This assignment requires you to make collage from your bucket list and place a caption in each picture. All my images were retrieved from BeFunky. My captions were edited in makeameme. I started off with this image which represents me in a career that makes me smile. Most people work in a career that makes them miserable.

I stumbled across this video to help me with my thought process on a realistic bucket list. In my opinion, the ideas that you need to put into your bucket list collage requires motivation.

In my military career I use to jump 1200 feet from airplanes into a pile of dirt. I would love to jump 30,000 out the air into a peaceful field like this one.
It has always been my dream to see the northern lights. As a kid I would always see them in Disney movies.
My wife tells me that I am a great cook but I always wanted to cook meals that looked like it came out a 5 star restaurant.
I would love to explore the ocean and all the plant life that have yet to be discovered.
Like most people I want to travel the world and experience what every culture has to offer.
This is the final product of all my pictures combined to create my bucket list collage.

Are Memes Art

I began my research by googling, are memes art?
I then used this link to get some useful information on the origins of memes
Apparently the first meme exhibition was held in L.A in 2011.
Richard Dawkins was the first person to use the word meme. The word meme derived from the word mimeme which means imitation.


As art, memes allows the artist to convey your message in the most simplest form.
I love that memes let you share who are without stifling your personal creativity. We do not have to be a subject matter expert.

In my opinion, the more relatable the meme is to the viewers the better it is.

This is one of my favorite memes because I witnessed things like this on a daily basis before. Not fun to do but fun to watch.

I am currently taking five classes with a full time job and in the process of moving. This is my source of power.
So far I love CT101. I do not feel stress during class and I get to do my work on my own time.

Assignment #2

Hello guys, so I am a logistics and supply chain major. I took this class because I needed an elective for my last semester. I though this was going to be a class all about creating a website and the complication of creating a website. I felt like I got slapped in the face after the professor went through the syllabus on the first day.

After we went through the syllabus on the first day, this class seemed pretty interesting to me. Learning the history of digital media is something I never thought about.

I am very familiar with things like access, excel and different SAP systems. I usually work anywhere from 45 to 55 hours a week, so my work life is very stressful and time consuming. Unfortunately, I am not a huge poster on social media like Tik Tok and Instagram. I like to keep my life private for the most part. I hope that I can express myself a bit more towards the end of this class using memes or Gifs I have created now and in the future.

In comparison to my other classes, this class is interesting because of the engagement and self expression we have. I am currently taking 5 classes. I enjoy 2 of the 5 classes I am currently taking. All of my other classes are death by slide show.

In my opinion, one of the biggest take away from this course will be the different ways we can convey a message. Sometimes people respond to things that are relatable and pops out at them. For example, when I end a text with my wife I send an emoji, Gif or meme. She always gets a kick out of it and I am still able to express myself.

Internet Happiness

I love watching clips of my favorite shows on the internet. Regular show is definitely one of my favorite cartoon series. Each episode is so random but they find a way to link them all together. This is a Gif where muscle man get thrashed from a game boss who came out of a television set. I find it very amusing when you can extract the funniest clips from your favorite shows.

Here is a short clip where the two main characters from Regular Show knocks their boss Benson unconscious and he wakes up in a hot sauce drinking competition. Now Benson has to deink the Mississippi Queen to impress a girl he likes. Just imagine experiencing a situation like this with your boss, it probably wont ever happen. That is why I enjoy pulling pieces from this series.

If you ever work in an office where you know everyone this is the show to watch, its called the office. Here is a Gif of Michael Scott not doing his work as usual. I currently work in an office and there are some very slow days where I just bang on my mug all day. When work is slow at my office we usually send Gifs like these to get a couple laughs.