Internet Happiness 2

Good Afternoon Class!

I know this blog post is not on the syllabus, but i think a second blog post on whats making me happy on the web is something refreshing that i needed and, i felt the need to share it with you guys.

I cant recall if some of you remember, but I am a huge car fanatic, probably ever since i got my first Hotwheels at the age of 4.
Fun fact; i may be old but i still collect rare Hotwheels lol

Anyways my favorite car brand Nissan was on the way to its downfall, when their previous CEO Carlos Ghosn corrupted the company by embezzling money out of the organization directly into his pockets and neglecting the brands poor quality parts and downward spiraling reputation. Since his investigation he has fled to his childhood home; Lebanon. His reign is over!
… and so the Re-birth begins. Nissans new acting CEO- Makato Uchida is rebuilding the brand, ridding poor made quality parts such as the CVT transmission and focusing on better collaboration with their Research and Development teams for strong, longer lasting, better made vehicles. Two of their prototype vehicles on the web that I am currently obsessed with are the 2022 Nissan Frontier & 2022 Nissan Z. Below are two pictures.

2022 Nissan Z

2022 Nissan Frontier

Anyways this is whats currently making me happy on the web. Thanks for reading!


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