Internet Happiness

What brings me happiness on the internet?

A good D.I.Y project.DIY

I’ve always been crafty, I always try to do things on my own so I’m always on the internet looking for Do It Yourself projects. There are a lot of Lifestyle blogs and also Youtube channels that are dedicated for such projects.


My most recent D.I.Y project is making a face mask. At the beginning of the pandemic I think this has been the most sort after D.I.Y project. I headed to YouTube and I was not disappointed in the plethora of face mask tutorials I found.  The face mask tutorial that I found simple and easy to follow was one posted by Mimi G Style -a popular fashion, lifestyle and DIY blog.

I grabbed my sewing machine and some scrap cloth and got to working. And in no time at all I made a few face masks for myself and my love ones. I even had a few inquiries from friends willing to buy a few face masks.  Now my favorite face mask is the one I made. Thank you internet.

Wearing the Face mask I made



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  1. This is super cool! I love the project itself and all the content that you brought together to publish the post! Great examples of various media types and storytelling!

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