Internet Happiness

Whats been making me happy on the Web?

This week on the web is an unusual case for me. Well let me start from the beginning. During the course of this week I played a good deal of xbox one and decided to download two interactive free roam games which i now love!! The first one is Outlast : Image below

and the second one is Blair Witch : Image below


Both games are insane, i must say be expected to jump at a moments notice, you are never given a precursor soundtrack to when things are going to start chasing or attacking you. In short Outlast is a very dark game where you play as a first person, the storyline goes as a guy who enters an abandoned mental asylum in search for paranormal activity with nothing but a night vision camera that has a glitchy battery. The journalist breaks into this asylum and eventually sees the real dead; demons, ghosts of tortured patients and real life monsters. The scariest thing is you cannot fight back so be prepared to run and find corners of safety.

Moreover Blair Witch is very similar, you play as a first person, a man who enters haunted woods with his dog in search for a missing boy during the night. The main character has PTSD, so at many times he sees things that are not there while encountering real dangerous entities, he has to distinguish what is real and what is in his imagination. This game feeds off of stress so don’t play if it if you are weak hearted.

These thrill seeking games eventually lead me to my abundance of internet searches- Real life horror attractions! And for sure the internet does not disappoint. I learned about haunted forest sites and houses right here in New York.