Is Vapor Wave my thing?

Based on what I seen, VaporWave is kinda all about perception. At first glance, it seems like a bunch of bodies of art pieced together on a multi colored background and honestly it can be distracting to the mind but when you actually look and analyze; it becomes a beautiful body of work.

Before I continue, i’ll answer the initial question which is, What is Vapor Wave? Vapor Wave can be considered a combination of electronic music and visual art styles. From my understanding its supposed to be sarcastic in a way, poking at serious art and adding an twist.

Visually I think Vapor Wave is pleasing to the eyes, at first I wasn’t the biggest fan but as I look through more images, they began to pop out to me. Vapor wave has a cool way of being both modern and dated. It draws you in and keeps your attention. I feel as tho I view it from an observant point of view. I’m not sure if I will participate in the art form but I am enticed enough to want to continue looking at different bodies of work.