Final blog post

CT101 was an amazing class, one that I wish I got to experience in person. I wanna start by saying I was trying to enroll in this class for two semesters and It was always full, so when I finally enrolled early enough to get in I was genuinely so excited. And I will be the first to admit that online schooling really caused me to lose all my motivation for college. Quarantine kinda drained me and then I started back working full time to make up and in a way college became a second though. I was up early to get to work so I could leave earlier to make it to class, up early for class so I could make it to work; working extra hours to make up for the time lost in class and in all I just couldn’t focus.

But I genuinely loved CT101, it was amazing to learn that I am capable of creating my own website and the effort that I put into making it my own helped me to see my true potential. And I know that if I had the experience in class and got that opportunity, I just know my website would be way more completed.

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Unfortunately that was not the case, between losing family, working full time, and the all around lack of motivation my blog is not complete.

The point of my blog was to be a place for me to discuss topics that I knew would draw lots of opens by using things I witnessed on social media. I was able to build a foundation that I am not unhappy with, I just wish I put in the full effort to make it complete.


I do plan on continuing it, actually adding my social media to it and making it public to all. In conclusion, I never really thought of my grade and I am definitely not expecting an A, I could only hope for a B, although, not complete I am proud of the foundation I did create. I am happy I took this class because phenomenal professors are hard to fine and I got to do and learn about things and techniques that I know would benefit me in my career. Okay Bye.

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Is Vapor Wave my thing?

Based on what I seen, VaporWave is kinda all about perception. At first glance, it seems like a bunch of bodies of art pieced together on a multi colored background and honestly it can be distracting to the mind but when you actually look and analyze; it becomes a beautiful body of work.

Before I continue, i’ll answer the initial question which is, What is Vapor Wave? Vapor Wave can be considered a combination of electronic music and visual art styles. From my understanding its supposed to be sarcastic in a way, poking at serious art and adding an twist.

Visually I think Vapor Wave is pleasing to the eyes, at first I wasn’t the biggest fan but as I look through more images, they began to pop out to me. Vapor wave has a cool way of being both modern and dated. It draws you in and keeps your attention. I feel as tho I view it from an observant point of view. I’m not sure if I will participate in the art form but I am enticed enough to want to continue looking at different bodies of work.

Did I add my socials to my website?


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I want to be able to build my website to a point where I am comfortable with the outcome before linking any of my social media to it. I find that when you do things in private and really put work into it without others knowing, you are more content with the outcome whether positive or negative. And thats my goal, to build something I can be proud off.

Although, I still plan to use social media in every aspect of my post which will be seen in my first official post (still in the edit stage but getting alone)Social media is a major component of my blog and I plan on using the skills I learned from the tutorial to ensure that I do it properly.

In the mean time I did install smash balloon instagram feed and a section to watch media content.

Personalizing my website


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I was 100% at a block and honestly with everything going on I needed a mental break to get my mind right and find the motivation to finish this year strong. My website is a work in progress still and I didn’t expect it to just be perfect right away but I did make some changes and settled on a format.
Ive added a comments section, an archive section, and a calendar to mark to when I will post another blog.
Im not sure if I will add my personal social media’s to it as of yet. Its an internal battle I am facing because I literally over think everything.
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So I registered my Domain Name


I came to a decision….I know I know, I’m adulting

So after much thought and annoying my friends, I decided on a domain name. I trashed my original options and thought of something that would be self explanatory, I want you to know, the content you will be receiving when clicking on my blog.

This is what mad me decided to go with TeaTalkWithJaNya and it was available, so that was a plus.

And of course, It wouldn’t be a normal experience if I didn’t run into some trouble. I registered my domain name and downloaded WordPress, as it is installing I thing to myself “wow this was kinda simple” and what happened next is why I just don’t think…….

So I tried to retrace my steps like I lost my glasses, I watched the tutorials, I even tried to just install wordpress again and start over. Guess what happened……

Nothing happened

So now if this was the Ja’Nya before this adulting business, I would have just closed my laptop and put on a movie because by this point the assignment was feeling really toxic.

In a few simple words..

But instead I contacted the support team (Growth!) and although it was kind of late, I got a response within 10 mins of putting in my ticket of assistance.

From there things were kind of simple again. I am nowhere near finish but I wanted to show you guys the work in progress.

I am actually loving it so far.

Guys I’m so stuck!

I’m the most indecisive person I know, so I can’t decide what my domain name will be. And I know this should be the simplest activity but I honestly only have two working brain cells and their both doing the dougie……

So Yea

Now I do have some three…but that’s not the point.

So first I thought of what my blog would be about, I thought about things I enjoy and it came to me that my blog would be my reactions to different shows, gossip, music videos, music, and life in general. I wanna catch others attention and keep it so why not give everyone pure, unapologetic entertainment.

Back to this name business.

So my two ideas are:





Man I don’t know, Y’ll choose.


So I honestly didn’t believe that I would find any assignment that truly peeked my interest but then I stumbled upon

Create a Game of Thrones House

I am a die hard Game Of Thrones fan. I have seen every episode of every season at least five times, so when I seen this assignment I was very ready and already knew what I wanted my Sigil to look like. made it easy to achieve since it is all already set up for you with two options. These options are to create one on your own using a simple template or have them generate one for you. But, because I already had a clear vision, I decided to create my own and this was the final product…

I wanted to incorporate me so “twin” to represent being a gemini which is known as the twin zodiac sign (I don’t have a twin, unfortunately, but I have a older sister who people feel looks exactly like me and we have very similar personalities) And of course my favorite character of all time…


Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, rightful heir to the Iron Throne, rightful Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Protector of the Seven Kingdoms, the Mother of Dragons, the Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, the Unburnt, the Breaker of Chains.

Missandei says it better

As you can see I really love this show.

But this is why I used the dragons because I feel like they represent everything I love in the show while also fitting what I envisioned my sigil to look like. The green along with the black made a perfect pair and I placed the two images together to give almost a Ying and Yang affect. In all I really enjoyed this assignment.


My daily thoughts process using Gifs

So like most Gifs come in handy when you have everything to say but you don’t exactly know how to say it. I find that with being in college and working full time, I experience at least 10 emotions throughout the day.

I am the type of person that turns off their alarms and says “5 more minuets” then I’m late.

Having a job is sooooooooo not fun

What I really want to say:

What I really say:


And of course my happiness is coming home:

But for some odd reason I decided to take an evening class, not just any class STATISTICS….

Although my day is usually uneventful, my nights are always my favorite part.

How I found happiness on the Internet

So I know 2020 has been one hell of a year so far, and the last place anyone would have thought to find happiness was on the internet but despite everything going on in the world our us I found happiness watching the versus battles.

The versus battles was created by Timbaland and Swizz Beatz during quarantine and as a music lover I was truly entertained. My top three faves was first Beenie Man vs Bounty Killer and this one was for the culture. As a proud dancehall lovers, my family and I were ready for this one.

Trust and Believe we could barley watch cause we were to busy dancing and sing to every single song that played.

Next, of course was my Gospel faves Kirk Franklin and Fred Hammond. If you anything like me, who spent majority of my childhood and my pre teen years in church, then you know Kirk Franklin and Fred Hammond are Gospel music legends. And I was definitely ready for this one. I think most of all this one brought me the most peace.

And lastly for every girl that was 10 years old singing their hearts out about breakups and love as if we know what we were singing about was Monica and Brandy.

Monica and Brandy was something I honestly didn’t see happening not only because they just made up after years of not speaking and also because they both made it seem as if they wouldn’t be interesting in the versus but I guess its what made this one so precious. To see them together, uplifting each other, singing their songs and each others songs was just an amazing sight to see.

Even more so I sang my heart out to the point that I was almost in tears as if I was feeling every emotion in those songs and that’s what music is all about. During a time when all I found myself feeling we negative feelings toward the world, it was great to have moments like these where you are transported to another world through so many different genres of music.

In all the versus was mine and so many others internet happiness.