Its Mid-Semester Re-Cap Time!

Its Mid-Semester Re-Cap Time!

Wow, here we are at the midpoint of our CT-101 semester! Time… goes by waaaaaay too fast.. Let’s take a minute to reflect, let’s take a minute to regroup, catch up, let’s induce a class reflection!


**The class recording from Tuesday 3/28 is below:

Passcode: 0A=w^^8H


**The class recording from Thursday 3/23 is below:

Passcode: *fs5fV!=


Let us ask ourselves the following questions, and reflect:

“How am I doing in CT101?  What have I learned? What new skills have I developed, cultivated and displayed regularly? How does this contribute to my weekly progress? How do I assess my performance through a self-reflection in this class?”

The assessment part is very tangible and clear as we have been producing results over the last 7.5 weeks in the form of blogging, commenting, creating visual imagery, discussion via various forms and class participation.

Let’s take stock, follow me below:

The CT 101 Course Schedule page is where everything is – this is the CT 101 HUB – this is the space where all the assignments and learning details take form each week – (just in case you forgot) – this is where you can recap and catch up on all assignments (and also access all of the class recordings) –

In fact, before we move into the next phase of our course, I want to take a week and reflect upon what has already been accomplished, as well as take accountability for what might be missing and in need of improvement.


Let’s title this next post:

Assignment #7 – The Mid-Semester Reflection Post

Assignment Details:

In a new blog post titled:

Assignment #7 – The Mid-Semester Reflection Post”, please assess and reflect upon your last 7.5 weeks here in CT 101.

Please answer and address the following questions below, and also provide hyperlinks back to all of your previous completed blog posts.

This will help illustrate some of the questions below as you tell a compelling story here in the CT 101 blog space: (the use of imagery is helpful and needed but please don’t default to using too many GIFs or memes to fill in the gaps, the emphasis should be on the written word for this reflection.) 

How am I doing in CT101?

What have I learned and retained the most?

What new skills have I developed , cultivated and displayed regularly in my weekly posts?

What do I know now that I did not know before taking this class?

What grade do I believe I am maintaining and why do I deserve that grade? 

Do I see my weekly blogging work expanding creatively? If so, please explain why –  or am I stuck in a loop where my posts seem to look the same most of the time, how will I change that?

Are there any assignments that you are missing? If so, list them.

Are you commenting regularly on your classmates posts? Are you responding back to comments given to you by the professor & your classmates?

Are you participating during the class time? If not, explain why.

This is the time to be accountable. How will you make needed improvements?

Have fun with this!

Feel free to include useful relatedness in the form of links, images, video or Make Something New to express how you feel about this post! (a technique learned from the dS106 assignment bank perhaps?)