Assignment #4: Blogging About Our Passion

One thing I can say I am very passionate about is food, who does not love. food am I right? I like looking up recipes to recreate them with my own twist. Aside from cooking I do enjoy going out to eat especially in the spring and summer to admire the views of NYC. 

The photo I inserted above is from the restaurant Queens Bully located in Forest Hills, NY. When I go out to eat I typically order food I do not eat on a weekly basis, that is why I chose the rack of lamb. I’ve been here about three times so far I’d say and the food does not disappoint. 
In this photo I went to the iconic Sugar Factory located in Resorts World Casino. Ironically the time and day I went it was completely empty. The Sugar Factory is known for its drinks that smoke like a witches cauldron.  I chose to get a hot chocolate, with a burger and fries. I know it sounds like a weird combination but overall it was not that bad. 
Unfortunately I do not have any photos or videos of any recipes I recreated since usually when I do cook I’m particularly focused on the food itself. My passion for food started when I was a junior in high school around the early Fall. I realized since I got older eventually I’d have to learn how to cook since I do enjoy eating. As of right now I only know to make basic foods like lasagna, burgers, pasta, lamb chops, and steak. My goal this summer is to actually start learning how to cook food from my mom’s country which is Guyana. 

I’ve always said to myself some of the foods shown in cartoons, movies, and animations look so appetizing. The beignets from the Princess and The Frog look so warm and delightful.  I’ve had beignets before but they come frozen and are fried but never had them made from scratch. 

Ever since the covid lockdown lifted I have became lazy and rather order food or go out to eat instead of doing groceries to cook. I realized how much this is effecting me financially and health wise. Since the semester is slowly coming to an end I’ll have some extra free time where I can start meal planning and prepping. Sometimes there are days where I literally can just eat everything in my snack stash literally. 

6 thoughts on “Assignment #4: Blogging About Our Passion”

  1. Hi Anju, I agree, food is a passion of mine as well. I love trying new cuisines, but I wish I cooked more as well! I tried Queens Bully in Forest Hill recently as well and loved their drinks. How did you like your experience? My best friend live near there and we’re looking to find our favorite restaurant there. If you have any recommendations, I would love to hear them!

    1. Hey, Jamilah I recommend going to Mojo which is a latin spot that serves amazing food and drinks as well. The atmosphere is super cozy and I suggest going in the spring or summer to really enjoy the weather. I know Forest Hills can be crazy since there are so many great places to go and explore. Moca is another spot I recommend their cuisine is asian infused. I am a huge thai lover so I get the pad thai spicy, (I love spicy food).

  2. This is so good, and so true!
    I love to eat! Its a ritual! Those picts look yummy!
    I love to cook too, but finding places to go out to and have the foods that you normally do not eat is such fun and sooo necessary!
    We need a treat every so often!
    Thank you!
    PS – perhaps add a hyperlink to a few restaurants that you like? (Queens Bully)

  3. I totally agree with you, good food does connect us all together, and its such a craft that you can get inspired to recreate food recipes! Great job! Maybe you might become a culinary chef in the future as a hobby. 🙂

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