What was interesting about CT 101 was that I learned about several tools and items that we use every day and how to create them. These include, but are not limited to, GIFs, memes, websites, and website features. It was interesting to learn how seamless it is to create the aforementioned content. As I said, these are items we use daily and I never realized how easy they were to create. Although meme creation has existed for a while, I never thought to create my own because I usually just share the ones I find all over the internet and save them to my camera roll. These are skills I can now utilize to garner creative content and factor it into my career as a journalist. 

As for the grade I deserve… 

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(That’s something I had to think long and hard about) 

In all honesty, I deserve between a B and a B+. I tried to keep up with assignments and gave it my all, but I wish I could have been better about the upkeep of the website. I definitely could have done more with it, because when I finally posted on it, it was about something I enjoyed doing and found it helpful to people who may be experiencing burnout. 

To piggyback off of my earlier statement, I enjoyed learning about creating these tools that are so seemingly ubiquitous. Particularly for website building, I’ll use these skills to create my own website for publishing reporting/blogging content. I already have a website for this, but it’s a bit more casual, where I use it for school and freely as a blog where I post my own content. If I ever have a blog that has a specific niche, then I’ll consider using these skills. 

As for maintaining the site, I’m not sure. To be honest, I don’t think so at this point. I would like to have a blog with a specific purpose, as I never intended my blog for CT 101 to have a specific purpose. It was hard trying to pinpoint what the website would be about in the first place, and it’s not the most pressing issue on my mind right now, especially given that it’s the end of the semester, summer is on the horizon and I’m thinking about my senior year and graduate school. 

Usage of my website: Upon creating the website, I really did not have a certain direction for it. However, over time, I realized it didn’t have to be specific to a certain theme and I decided to just go with whatever came to mind. My interests, hobbies, thoughts, etc. are what I put into my website and what I would continue to include if I use it in the future. As for what I succeeded in with my site, I think constructing one in the first place would be a huge success. I believe doing anything for the first time warrants success, and everyone should take pride in that. Of course, with the success, came frustrations. 

One frustration, which I mentioned before, was trying to give the site a purpose, which I eventually overcame. Another frustration is one I still have today. I honestly wish I did more with the site in terms of content. I think if I stuck to using it each week to share my interests, hobbies and thoughts, it could have been a way for me to “vent” to the world, and also serve as something I could use to ease my mind, rather than look at it as an obligation for a class. 

A meme I made earlier in the semester based on a joke from the same Spongebob episode pictured here.


I’m sure the CUNY student pictured above is all dust instead of bones at this point

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One of my favorite GIFs discovered on giphy this year. This what I’ll be saying once finals are over and I am officially declared… A SENIOR!!

(My own GIFs:) 

My brain during finals week 

Me when the summer begins 

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  1. Thanks so much, Asar!
    You have completed great work this semester and I have enjoyed reading your posts!
    2.5 semesters online and I agree.. we are all in need of a break 🙂
    Thanks so much for the weekly creative output and narrative posts!
    Have a great summer!

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