CT101 Final Blog Post Anil Mangroo

Goodbye Fellow Classmates! (These are tears of joy not sadness lol)

What grade do I think i have earned in this class?
To be honest, i think i earned an A- in this class, or hopefully around that range.

Why do I think i have earned this grade?
I think i earned that grade because while I completed many assignments towards the end of this course, i still managed to complete all of them. I am really hoping my blog posts are up to par with the course expectations. I do think while some of my blog posts are short in content they are rich in quality, and not dragged along to bore the viewer (I hope lol).

What do I enjoy about the class?
I really enjoyed the communication and laughter we had in this class. BTW enjoy this snippet of this virtual class doing something fun and quirky below.

For this being my last semester at York College, this course was one of two courses being taught asynchronous with a set schedule that I took. It was great waking up and starting my day building my creative skills. This course encouraged me to dig deep and refresh myself into finding who i was and what made me radiant. One of my favorite things about this class was the introduction to animation and how unique every piece can be. Towards the end of this semester I started feeling a bit lazy but i think the fact that i got to wake up and create art was my determination to keep going. Moreover I am pretty sure the professors cheerful morning talk with the class woke everyone up (In a good way! lol).

How will your new skills apply into the world?

I think these skills will be supplementary to me on a business & personal level. On an operational scale I think I am going to use my knowledge developing a second website of my own business franchise where i can direct people too for inquiries and price quotes, and personally I think these skills will help me develop my personal website into something that can best reflect me.

Will you maintain and keep up your website?
I absolutely plan to keep up my website. Prior stating, i plan to post at least 3 blog posts or photographs every day. Any day missed is detrimental to the future of this website; absence in blogging is an easy way to desertion.

My website link URL is https://anilmangroo.com/  

Tour of My Website
While my website is a reflection of my hobbies, so far I am currently using it by posting a culmination of my photography & supporting verbiage such as; still, abstract, light and environment images under the photography & Blog menu drop down.

Some Successes!

So far my success has been my customization of the website, it is close to exactly how i envisioned it, even though it is still unfinished. I am really into the color scheme and how the photography menu has its own drop down section with different types of photographs.

Some Hardships…

I had some difficulty separating blog posts into their menu categories, and the youtube videos showing how to work with the WordPress classic editor are terrible!! Stick with Professors videos! They are the easiest explanation.
My only other hardship so far.. was formatting images and separating them so they are not glued together, however I am still working on this issue lol.

I have to say, this class was really refreshing, while the tears are flowing this is not the end, i will be sure to explore other classes in website development & animation professor may teach in the future. Thank You

1 thought on “CT101 Final Blog Post Anil Mangroo”

  1. Excellent work on this, Anil!
    Love the fun flow of this post, its written with great honesty!
    You have completed great work across all of the ct101 criteria!
    Thank you for the commitment to the course, your course work and supporting your fellow classmates!
    Great work on your new site and it will be fun to see it expand!
    Thanks for bringing your light hearted energy to our class!
    Have a great summer!

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