Just MEMEing around

What is art? Well for me this is pretty much it! The google definition says “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination,” and who can deny that making memes is all about creative application and imagination! When i googled are memes art, i found some interesting stuff like this article from the UK that is deff written by some old, wine sipping, art fanatic!!—> Angry British guy!

I totally disagree with the British and not only because they still believe in the idea of royalty but the way that guy wrote in the article ?!?!?! I mean come on!!! Tell me how this is not the core of creative expression! The thing i love about memes is that there is one for literally anything and anyone! Memes break down the barriers of expression by just creating something everyone can understand regardless of culture or language!!
Memes are also so relatable! Like how does this not relate with most likely every student there ever was!!! School is hard and especially when you have work and other things involved!

But CT101 is a really cool class and i’m glad we get to learn about more modern and relatable things for our generation, rather than following the curriculum of the dinosaurs!! This other website i found defends the idea that memes heavily contribute to the world of art! —> I love Memes!
The way art is displayed and praised is really funny to me! Memes deserve the same respect and praise! It is a different form of traditional art, but it matches the textbook definition spot on! Maybe one day we will see a meme museum, or maybe it already exists, right here on the internet. Its actually fitting that the meme “museum” is the internet because it defys traditional forms of displaying and appreciating art.
This and other student memes are my absolute favorite memes!! Again they are able to relate across all students around the world! And there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a meme that describes exactly how you’re feeling that day!

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