Poison to Passion!

Ever since i was a kid i loved climbing things, the scaffoldings outside the school was my playground and my mom would always yell at me to get down. One time i climbed the really tall fence in 4th grade and i was too scared to climb down, so the parents of everyone watching called the fire department, and when they came i was so scared of getting in trouble that I just ended up climbing down!!

I stopped being interested in climbing around when i went into high school and got with the wrong group of kids. Below are the kinds of people i was hanging out with

But everything changed when i was 18 i was on a cruise with my family, and they had a rock-climbing wall. Everyday, 2-3 times a day i climbed this rock wall and was absolutely hooked. I looked at my mom and told her “i think im going to join a climbing gym when we get back home.”

This was probably one of the most crucial development points in my life and saved me from a bad path i could have went down. Fast forward to now i have become a stronger climber than i had ever dreamed of being and going on sick adventures with friends that have become family!!

Me and my friends getting ready to rockclimb!

The link above is a video of me and my friends getting ready to repel from the top of a mountain! i know it looks illegal but its not, the fence is only to keep hikers and other foot travelers away from the cliff side!

This is a Gif of the famous Dean Potter Free Solo climbing with a parachute!


There are a few people who really inspired me and totally changed my life and perspective things. One of the most important people is Dean Potter. Dean is known for practicing what he calls the “dark arts” activities’ such as climbing without a rope AKA a “Free solo,” or Slacklining without a tether thousands of feet off the valley floor!

This is a gif of Dean free solo highlining above a canyon! I highly recommend the hyperlink Addressed as “dean potter” it really showcases who he was as a man and the vision he had.
It is my literal dream to take my talents to the walls of Yosemite and do some of his famous first ascents and repeat some of his famous highline setups. Half dome is the rounded figure on the right hand side, and el capitan is the massive wall on the left hand side! Unfortunately we lost dean in a wingsuit accident back in 2015. But Dean is truly one of those people whos’ spirit will live on forever in the hearts of every climber and slackliner to know he existed.

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