Making My Website.!

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Hiiii… I just created my website πŸ˜€

It was actually quite easy for me to do it with Professor Seslow’s tutorial. The steps to follow can be a bit confusing due to the number of options there are, but thanks to the video I didn’t get lost and I was able to do it.

It is exciting to know that I have my own website and this thanks to the college and Professor Seslow for the help. The steps are simple, but in one of the options it said “enter your email (for a better process use your personal email as your gmail)” or something like that, I did not know whether to use my York email or my personal email as recommended by the page. In the end use my York email.

Now I have to think about what my website is going to be about, I have a couple of ideas but I’m still not sure. One of them is to criticize songs, since personally I really like very deep lyrics that for some people it doesn’t say anything but for me it says a lot. So I would like to make criticisms of that and also of movies.

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Another idea I have is to simply write down the things I think about what is currently happening. For example, talking about things about Covid 19 that I consider important, or things about my country (Ecuador) that I consider are wrong. In short words, say what I think and feel!

Well that’s it, my website is As I explained in the last blog, the name of my page means this: Bry = Bryan (my first name), Al = Alfonso (my second name) and B A C G are the initials of my two name and my two lastnames, and this combination becomes in bryalbacg πŸ™‚

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That’s all, I hope you have a great day.!!

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