Making my website!!

Salam everyone!

Today I created my website. So exciting! I hope you guys feel the same way. Creating my domain name was the best part. Thankfully, my name was not one that was taken, so with one try I was able to make my Domain.

Unfortunately, there were things I disliked about the process, which was opening new tabs to get information. For example, going back to the zoom recording tab to see the next step and then recording my information in another tab so that I can save what I had so far.

It wasn’t a big deal. Everything went pretty quick. The process wasn’t the worst thing.

Heres my next step!

I will start thinking about what I will be talking about for my first post! Can’t wait for this!

1 thought on “Making my website!!”

  1. Love the ASL here! SALAM!
    Ohhhh thats good to know about the tabs, Ill share a lil demo in class this about making that an easier process, looking forward to seeing your new site build up!

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