Mid-Semester Assessments

Halfway through the class already! This class has been super fun for me, one of the main reasons being that I have been able to follow my own schedule and complete the assignments at my own time.

What have I learned?

A lot! let me go into a little more detail for you my friend. Before starting this class I was super scared at things like Blogging, creating MEMES, creating GIFs and even creating my own Website.  Now we are here mid semester and I have learned all these things, not only have a learned to created MEMEs GIFs and blog post, but I do them weekly, as you can see in the class website.

I have learned all these skills and different tools thanks thanks to may CT 101 Professor , make sure to check his page out to see some of the awesome art works and animations that he has created.

I feel like for this class one of my strengths has been able to create MEMEs and GIFs, as I have created many different ones throughout the semester. Going ford ward I would like to learn more about WordPress , as we just started to learn using it and there still a lot of work to be done to my website.

Here is the work that I have done on my Website so far.

As for the Grade that I believe like I deserve in this class, I would say an A, for many reasons. I will list the 3 main ones bellow.

  1. I have completed every assignment so far
  2. I have learned so much from this class, as you can see on my blog post
  3. I believe that every student attending class this semester should be graded for effort not results, because of how hard this year has been and how we have to adapt due to COVID 19


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