Final Blog post

What have I learned? 

This is going to be one of the hardest assignment things for me to do, I feel like I have learned so much from this class that It will be hard to list but I will give it a go.

I will list everything that I learned in this class with Link or picture of the work that I have done.

Blogging I learned to created blog post on a already existing website like our class website , where I was able to created a variety of blog post and comment and view some of my classmates blog post as well.

Internet happiness

MEME’s  I learned a lot about MEME’s, if they are art or not. I learned how to create them using imugur. I created a mean defining MEME as an art.

GIF’s I learned how to created GIF’s using imugur , I was able to create a couple of GIF’s from my favorite TV show Game of throne check out my blog post on it.

Domain name I learned all I needed to know about Domain names and guess what? I was able to create my own, I wrote a wonder blog post of my process on the CT 101 class website here is the link .

WordPress I was able to create and update my personal website portraying some of my school projects, Thanks to professor’s Seslow  Tutorial videos posted on the class website under Course schedule. Here is a Link to my awesome website. 

Images bellow as well

VaporWave I learned a little about a new form of art called vaporwave Check out my post on it you might like it.

Copyright  I learned about a very important thing on the internet call copyright, it was great to hear others thoughts on in check out the class website for some of my classmates thoughts on it.

After listing most of the things that I learned in this class I do have to say that my favorite assignment was creating my website , the fact that I was able to create my own space on the internet from scratch was awesome!  and I will definitely keep updating it with other college projects assignments that I complete.

I feel like I was very successful while completing every assignment that I had to do, mainly because of the great professor that I had which took the time to create not only great blog post detailing every assignment that we had to do, but also tutorial videos, always kept the class involve and interesting. I am super excited to take future classes with him, please check put his website as he has some awesome content on it.

Grade  as for the grade that I feel like I deserve I would give myself an A only because I have to grade myself for the assignment. I believe that they are greater things to gain from a class than just a good grade and that is exactly what I think I gaining from this class more than just a grade.



What is copyright?

“Copyright is a form of protection grounded in the U.S. Constitution and granted by law for original works of authorship fixed in a tangible medium of expression. Copyright covers both published and unpublished works.”

That is the definition found on http.s:// , to me this is just all a bunch of fancy words use to keep the creativity of the people to a minimum. What I define as copyright is when you can not publish something exact as it was created and take credit from it. If we get technical for example when it comes to music every song would be a violation of copyright because every word said on a song was once already said.

In the Tedtalk by Larry Lessig he states that “People participate in the creation and recreation of culture”. In my opinion to put a stop on the re-creation of an art is to stop culture from moving forward or developing.

I believe that as users of the web we should not pay much mind to copyrights because is going to set our creativity back we wont be able to add to the “culture” as  long as we give credit when its due we will be just fine, I  do not know who exactly but someone said “if you are getting fined than you are doing something right!”



WTH is this was my first thought my after watching some videos and looking at some examples I am still not 100 percent sure. Yes I got that right, I think that if I had to define it I would use the words art and classic, technology It is something completely new. I dont know is I would ever like to try something like this but below I would show some of my favorite that I found in the class gallery.




Week # 12 Website project

Who knew this could be so Fun!


So far the website is coming along great! I have been able to add a Gallery of the projects that I have done so far and even started transferring my post from CT101 class to my actual blog post section of the site bellow I will share some pictures but not forget to visit yourself.

Week # 11

WordPress tutorials on adding Social Media content into your blog posts, pages and sidebar widgets.

For this part of my website , I decide not to add a social media widget.  The main reason being that I do not have nothing of significance on my social media that I would like to showcase on my website. later on I do hope to have content on my social media worth showing on my website.

I did do many changes to the website. I created a gallery to show my projects and added achieves at the right side of the page, which I will show bellow


If you would like to see the page live just think this link

Mid-Semester Assessments

Halfway through the class already! This class has been super fun for me, one of the main reasons being that I have been able to follow my own schedule and complete the assignments at my own time.

What have I learned?

A lot! let me go into a little more detail for you my friend. Before starting this class I was super scared at things like Blogging, creating MEMES, creating GIFs and even creating my own Website.  Now we are here mid semester and I have learned all these things, not only have a learned to created MEMEs GIFs and blog post, but I do them weekly, as you can see in the class website.

I have learned all these skills and different tools thanks thanks to may CT 101 Professor , make sure to check his page out to see some of the awesome art works and animations that he has created.

I feel like for this class one of my strengths has been able to create MEMEs and GIFs, as I have created many different ones throughout the semester. Going ford ward I would like to learn more about WordPress , as we just started to learn using it and there still a lot of work to be done to my website.

Here is the work that I have done on my Website so far.

As for the Grade that I believe like I deserve in this class, I would say an A, for many reasons. I will list the 3 main ones bellow.

  1. I have completed every assignment so far
  2. I have learned so much from this class, as you can see on my blog post
  3. I believe that every student attending class this semester should be graded for effort not results, because of how hard this year has been and how we have to adapt due to COVID 19


Week # 9 Updating website

This has been a great experience for me this far. I was able to pick a domain name, which takes to God! was available ( and was able to host it through a wonderful and easy to use website.

Next comes the fun part! 

I was able to change many features about the site. I created an awesome welcome page with a free to use imagine pixabay , a website that allows you to use images for your website for free.

Below I will be sharing a screenshot  of how the website is looking so far!

Of course I still have a lot of information to add and a lot of designing   to do, but I welcome the work as I been looking up to this since the semester started.

Week # 8

For me creating a Domain name has been super fun! To do this we used the website , at first I thought it was going to be scary, how wrong was I. The professor from my CT 101 course created a great tutorial video that made the process fun and easy.

Next up!

Next up comes the part that I have been more excited in this process. Where I will be able to add menu, pictures, colors and a bunch of other things to my personal website, which will mainly suppose on the classes that I have taken relate to my major (Communication technology) and the projects that I have done for it.

Domain name(naming your child)

I am super excited to have reached this part of the class

Picking a Domain name is like naming your child! It its one of the most important things that you will have to do while creating a website. Important but also hard and I dont mean the actual process of purchasing it, that’s the easy part a quick google search and you can own a domain name in the next few minutes.

The hard part for me is finding a domain that in a way or another describes the purpose of your website, Can not  have a websites on how to train your dog and a domain name like It would be easy to find a domain name that in a way brings meaning to your website, the problem is that not all are available. It is going to be super exciting for me to find a domain name.

I would like my Domain name to have my name, because it would be a personal website with link and and pictures of projects that I have done while in college.

bellow I will show a list of potential domain names




WEEK # 5 create two assignments DS106 or the Daily Create site

For this assignment I need to pick two assignments that I would like to create. One of the assignments that I picked is TV SHOW GIFS. I decided to go with this one because on my last assignment I had to create a GIF and it was very fun and I thought I would enjoy it even more if it is from my favorite show Game of Thrones! In the assignment I have to create4-6 GIFs of my favorite TV SHOW, so here we go!

OF course this one has to be my favorite, A young Jone Snow fighting and entire army. Makes me think of me against all my responsibilities.

This GIF I made it because this is exactly what happen to me this semester. I thought that online classes were going to be easy and I got slapped in the face.

My next GIF is one of the dragons burning through everything that is on its path just like the year 2020 lol.

This is my final GIF. The king asking Stark for a burger.

The next project that I would like to do Is even more interesting because I have to pick an assignment that requires a skill that I have not learn yet, I pick a web design project.  The reason I picked this project is because i think that story telling through video is a very important skill set to have, because with very major social media has story telling as a part of sharing content.

Assignment #4 MEME is art

I totally think that  a MEME is a form of art. Even though that everything in it is totally created by you, like the picture. You are still putting this pieces together. In my opinion a MEME is not just a picture with a writing on it. It needs to relate to an audience the picture needs to have a reference and the writing for the most part has to be funny or deliver a message. To learn more about MEMES and where and how they started read this wikipedia post.

This is the MEME I created. I personally use MEMES while talking to my girlfriend all the time, I think is fun and it keeps the conversation interesting, I feel like we are always looking for the next MEME to send.

Assignment # 3 First GIF

I think my CT101 is is amazing not just because of the professor but also because I feel like the format relates more to the real world than any other class that I have taken in all my years of college.


I made this GIF because I feel like it describes my emotions right now when it come to this class. I think the potential for this class is huge because of the wonderful professor we have. It was super fun creating this GIF I used  imugur  And i think it was such a useful and easy platform to use.

Internet happiness

What make me happy about the internet? I would have to say that it has no limits.

You can be anyone, do anything, create endless things and learn any skill that you desire. The internet in my mind is the greatest invention of the human race. I can not imagine a world with out it. Imagine wanting to know what happen in the great depression and you do not have access to the internet ? One you would need to go to a library find a book on the topic or two ask somebody who may know, which is not always 100% accurate. Is hard to tell the real power of the internet. the following video tries to explain it.[/embedyt]

I believe that the greatest page ever created on the internet is google, why you main ask? simple “google it”. That is the general answer when someone wants to know or learn something and for that thank you google!