Mid-Semester Assignment

I feel like this semester is slow and still incredibly fast.  The midpoint of the semester can so quickly!! CT101 has been a very interesting class, to say the least.  I never thought I would find a class in college that gives you full creative control and encourages you to do what you want. Something new that I’ve learned so far is how to create my own website. I did not realize that so much work went into creating and maintaining a URL.

I definitely feel like my creativity is what makes this class a little easier.  All I do is use GIFs and memes to communicate so it’s not that different for me to do it for this class.

Now…For my weaknesses…

My BIGGEST weaknesses for this class (and all of my other ones) is my workload and horrible time management skills. I still have a job and I’m taking 15 credits this semester.  Add that with my subpar time management skills and

Right now in the semester,   I feel like I’m in a B maybe B- range.  I really need to work on managing my time better if I would like to get a higher grade.