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The End of the semester is here!!

This was one hectic ride of a semester!! Having classes all online has definitely tested my resilience.  I feel like I never want to see a computer screen or a keyboard again.   But this class, even though I definitely struggled keeping up with the work, was definitely the high point. I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for this class, but I’m was pleasantly surprised

To be apart of a class that allows so much creative freedom and expression is definitely not something you see to much of in college.  I definitely enjoyed this class and I learned some new things.  I learned how to make my own gifs and memes.

Giphy is definitely my favorite website that i learned about this semester.  Im the kind of person who loves to have conversations with gifs and memes and it was so fun exploring the website.I learned how to photoshop and learned about Aaron Schwartz, a very important person in our technological age.


If there is one thing that I’m disappointed about, it is that I did not do everything that I wanted to do on my website.  Even though I created a website, I did not do enough work to make it what I wanted it be.  But since I have my domain until next year , I definitely plan on continuing with what I had intially planned.

Even though it is extremely hard to be honest with yourself, I think I earned around a B-.  I like to put my all into what I do and with the course of everything going on, I didn’t do that.  Even so, this class was still fun and interesting. It’s the kind of class that students need in the the middele of  a hectic semester and even to learn skills that will be useful throughout college career.

Thank you professor, for being so understanding during such a stressful time and I hope everyone has a happy holiday and stays safe and healthy!!NOw, it’s time for a nap!

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  1. Thank you so much!
    It was a fun class and great getting to know everyone and their creative output! You have accomplished good work here in CT101! Thank you for the kind words, the class always goes by too fast, and a good nap is in order for all! 🙂 PS – you can keep adding to your website over time as the hosting is for one full year.
    Have a happy holiday! Thank you!

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